KSI Fury. Paul Danis. Crossover Boxing

Published on 14 October 2023 at 16:00

This Saturday, 14th October, KSI takes on Tommy Fury in a much-anticipated fight whilst Logan Paul clashes with Dillon Danis as the co-main event in Manchester at the AO Arena. Many boxing purists will be absolutely against this ‘crossover, influencer’ boxing card on Saturday night, arguing they are not real boxers, and wouldn’t have a chance in the ring with a seasoned pro, they may be right. However, this card will generate possibly a record number of PPV buys and has already seen over 3 billion impressions on social media, per promoter Kalle Sauerland. The biggest ever influencer boxing card will generate tens of millions of dollars, and in today’s world, boxing is a business – so surely these ‘wannabe’ fighters need to be taken seriously come Saturday.

The ‘Prime’ card, which is Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink brand, is stacked from top to bottom with over 10 fights over the course of the night. From Only Fans content creator Astrid Wett to TikTok star and influencer Ed Matthews all the way to Whinderrson Nunes, the Brazilian Youtuber comedian who has a massive social media following – there are some huge stars showing up on Saturday. Throughout fight week, the focus has undoubtedly been on KSI Vs Fury and Paul Vs Danis – two monstrous fights that have lived up to all expectation in the build-up, and some. However, it is not just the main and co-main event bringing in all the views, the undercard fighters combined rack up almost 80 million in just Instagram followers alone – bringing a whole new audience to boxing.

Tommy Fury is a love island poster boy and Instagram star, but he is a genuine professional boxer who is out there to prove to KSI and other influencers a valuable lesson – to not mess with professionals. There is no doubt that influencer boxing over recent years has grown in popularity as well as legitimacy, and KSI has always been at the helm of the meteoric rise of this phenomenon that is crossover boxing. KSI has a zillion followers across his social media platforms, with it all starting in his room playing FIFA, he has certainly come along way. With a weight limit of 183lbs and a six round mega fight coming on Saturday night, KSI will be proud of where he’s helped take the influencer boxing scene. Tommy Fury is a novice; however he is improving with every fight – yet this will be his biggest test yet. With KSI out to prove the whole world wrong, this fight is not to be missed.

The Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis fight has had one of the strangest, yet enticing build ups to any fight in the recent past. Danis has been constantly **** talking on Twitter – mainly about the life of Logan Pauls fiancé, the well-known Nina Agdal. Danis has been constantly trying to get into Logan’s head through a barrage of tweets and pictures of his fiancé Nina, perhaps sometimes inappropriately – have a look for yourself on Danis’ twitter for more information... No matter what anyone says, the fight has brought in huge excitement and an element of the unknown – with no one being able to predict what may happen. Logan Paul, the naturally bigger man will be looking for an early KO, whereas Danis may well try to turn it into a wrestling match and make it scrappy. Logan Paul is the clear favourite with the bookies, but this is crossover boxing, literally anything can happen.

For most boxing purists and the traditional fans, they will not bat an eyelid towards the ‘Prime Card’, however, even the traditional fan will find it hard to not take notice of this monumental event. The promotional company Misfits, who KSI is essentially in charge of, do this stuff properly, with the same medical care, rules, and legislation as a world championship fight. Thus, the card is going to be the talk of the town, with the two main events most likely breaking the internet come fight night.


Written by Carrick Galbraith

Twitter - @carrickgalb123

Instagram - @carrick.426_

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