Tyson Fury's secures a controversial victory over Francis Ngannou

Published on 31 October 2023 at 20:00

Becoming the victim of moral defeat, a beaten and bruised Tyson Fury was awarded a controversial split decision victory over Francis Ngannou on Saturday night. The Cameroonian powerhouse floored Tyson Fury in the third round, leading to a gradual battering for the Gypsy King, both mentally and physically. 

Entering the fight as a gargantuan underdog, former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou sought to test the resolve of the lineal heavyweight boxing champion. Seemingly carrying what was only a punchers chance, fans around the world were left shocked when Ngannou managed to not only knock down the Mancunian champion but push the pace of many rounds. However, Fury’s momentum and use of the jab, which Francis struggled to disable, brought him up on the scorecards 


Sure to be a wakeup call for Fury, post-fight reactions to the showdown do not serve in favor of the Gypsy King. Many combat sport athletes and legends alike believe the Cameroonian was inconsiderately disfavored on the score cards after a one-point decision between the two men.  


Boxing legend turned pundit Carl Frampton stated; “I thought Francis Ngannou won that fight. At times, I couldn’t believe what I was watching, and I think we’ve all done it.” 

“In my eyes, he won the fight. I think Tyson maybe overlooked him.” (TNT Sports). 


Frampton’s testament to the performance of Ngannou is certainly not unpopular opinion, with an array of alternate giants in the sport agreeing with his take. Alongside him in the post-fight commentators' box, former UFC heavyweight contender Dan Hardy stated; “I feel very disappointed for Francis Ngannou. I thought he put an incredible performance in, and I think, we’re all going to hear this week, the boxing community is going to try and discredit him to try and save the face of boxing, but for me, Francis Ngannou won that fight.” (TNT Sports). 


It comes to no surprise that Ngannou proved his worth as a fighter against Fury. Coming from a life of extreme hardship and adversity, overcoming the odds has been attached to the life story of Francis. Growing up in poverty before immigrating to France where he lived on the streets, Ngannou’s ability to push the limits of discipline remain an inspiration to fans around the world. Following the bout, he expressed; “If he was being honest, (Fury) would say I won that fight.” 

There’s a structure of business out there and you need to do a lot to destroy it. I wasn’t just expecting to win like that in a decision. But it is what it is. I do my job.” (ESPN). 


While the result remains disappointing to many, one thing is for certain – this “big, bad wolf” in the heavyweight boxing division is here to stay. 


Written By Oisin O'Sullivan


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