WWE Friday Night Smackdown Highlights 12th January 2024

Published on 13 January 2024 at 16:00

On January 12, 2024, WWE's Friday Night SmackDown showcased an array of electrifying matches and dramatic segments, captivating audiences with its intense rivalries and athletic prowess. This episode was marked by significant developments leading up to the Royal Rumble, a cornerstone event in the WWE calendar. The show featured key matches and promos that further intensified ongoing storylines and set the stage for future showdowns.


The Bloodline makes their presence known at the start of Friday Night Smackdown
On a tumultuous night of SmackDown, The Bloodline, with Paul Heyman at the helm, orchestrated a vicious onslaught on Cameron Grimes. The unexpected attack by Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso was both relentless and unyielding, leaving Grimes in no condition to compete, resulting in the abrupt cancellation of his highly-anticipated match against Grayson Waller.


The chaos didn't end there. In a bold power move, Paul Heyman confronted authority figure Nick Aldis, attempting to exert his influence over the match card for the upcoming Royal Rumble. Heyman, ever the strategist, sought to have Roman Reigns' match altered to favor The Bloodline. However


In a dramatic episode of SmackDown, The Bloodline, under the strategic leadership of Paul Heyman, targeted Cameron Grimes in a brutal attack. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso took center stage as they unleashed a calculated assault, rendering Grimes unable to compete and effectively causing his scheduled bout with Grayson Waller to be scrapped.


The night's tension escalated when Heyman, known for his manipulation and mind games, confronted the authoritative Nick Aldis. Heyman's aim was to shake up the Royal Rumble lineup, pushing for changes that would benefit The Bloodline, specifically Roman Reigns. However, Aldis was not swayed by Heyman's demands and instead turned the tables. In a surprising twist, he decreed that The Bloodline would not evade competition but would instead feature in the main event, adding an unexpected hurdle to their path.


This power play by Aldis was a bold statement, asserting his authority and setting the stage for a high-stakes confrontation. It was a reminder that in the world of WWE, control is often tenuous, and the quest for dominance can lead to unforeseen challenges. Fans were left anticipating how The Bloodline would respond to this enforced main event participation, hinting at further rivalries and intense action in the ring.

Angel and Humberto Defeats. Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde

In the latest wrestling showdown, Angel and Humberto emerged victorious over Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde, delivering a significant blow to the LWO, which is still grappling with the aftermath of Santos Escobar's shocking betrayal. The duo of Angel and Humberto, Escobar's latest recruits, made their presence felt in a highly contentious manner, securing their win through means that have sparked controversy among fans and analysts alike.


The match was fraught with tension and unexpected twists, particularly when Carlito made a surprise appearance. Instead of tilting the odds in favor of Escabor, Angel and Humberto notched a contentious victory over Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde, stirring the already turbulent waters of the LWO in the wake of Santos Escobar's brutal betrayal. Escobar's newest allies delivered their message loud and clear, defeating Wilde and Del Toro through methods that sparked debate and left the audience questioning the fairness of the encounter.


The atmosphere in the ring was electric, with the superstars clashing in a display of athleticism and strategy. However, the match took an unexpected turn when Carlito made his dramatic entrance, targeting Escobar with an attack that, while intended to cause disruption, inadvertently compounded the troubles for Wilde and Del Toro.


Amidst the ensuing mayhem, Garza seized the moment, executing a roll-up on Wilde and controversially grabbing the ropes for additional leverage, a tactic that ensured a pinfall victory. This move, while effective, has raised eyebrows and will likely be a talking point for fans and commentators, as it added a layer of controversy to the outcome of the match.


This turn of events has undoubtedly shaken up the dynamics within the LWO and set the stage for further confrontations. With tensions running high, the landscape seems ripe for new rivalries and


In the wrestling universe, the aftermath of betrayal can be as dramatic as the betrayal itself, a narrative that the LWO is currently embodying. The faction, still reeling from Santos Escobar's ruthless betrayal, found itself at a crossroads facing the burgeoning threat posed by Angel and Humberto. In what was seen as a decisive battle to send a message, Angel and Humberto took on Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro, and it was the manner of their victory that left the audience in a stir.


Bianca Belair Defeats. Bayley
In a stunning display of athleticism and determination, Bianca Belair emerged victorious over Bayley, reaffirming her status as one of WWE's premier superstars. The matchup between these longtime rivals was a showcase of not just physical prowess but also the strategic cunning for which both athletes are known.


Bayley, ever the crafty competitor, resorted to her usual tactics, going so far as to use Belair's signature braid against her by tying it to the bottom rope — a move designed to gain the upper hand by any means necessary. However, Belair's resilience shone through. Despite the underhanded tactics, she remained unfazed, a testament to her ring savvy and physical conditioning.


What seemed to be a pivotal moment in the match was the apparent hesitation from Damage CTRL. The faction, typically known for their unwavering support of their own, curiously held back, allowing Bayley to fend for herself. This inaction, which some might speculate was intentional, opened the door for Belair to capitalize.


Seizing the opportunity, Belair delivered the K.O.D. — a Kiss of Death — to seal the match. This decisive move not only secured her the win but also gave her the momentum going forward for her chance to win the Women’s Royal Rumble.


Carmelo Hayes vs. Austin Theory ends as a No-Contest

Carmelo Hayes, NXT's standout talent, recently stepped onto the main stage of the blue brand, not just to make a statement, but with the aim of securing a coveted spot in the Royal Rumble. His request was met, however, with an unexpected challenge — a face-off with none other than Austin Theory.


In the ring, Hayes was nothing short of electrifying, demonstrating that his skills translate seamlessly to the larger arena of the main roster. He put on a clinic of high-flying and innovative moves, with the highlight reel showcasing a breathtaking reverse middle rope leg drop, and a DDT off the apron that had the audience on their feet. Such maneuvers are a testament to his dynamic ability and the bright future that lies ahead of him in WWE.


The match, however, took an unforeseen turn when the intensity…


Carmelo Hayes, recognized as one of NXT's most talented and up-and-coming Superstars, ascended to the blue brand with one goal in mind: to carve out a spot for himself in the Royal Rumble. However, in a twist of fate, his aspirations led him straight into a surprise showdown with Austin Theory, a match that would test his mettle on the main roster.


Hayes didn't just rise to the occasion; he shined under the spotlight, displaying an array of scintillating offense that had the crowd buzzing. His repertoire, including a gravity-defying reverse middle rope leg drop and a spine-jarring apron DDT, left no doubt about his readiness for the big leagues. Each move was a statement, etching his name in the minds of fans and decision-makers alike.


Yet, in a turn of events as dramatic as the match itself, the referee was forced to bring the bout to a premature end. In a moment of high drama, both Superstars found themselves unable to continue.


Carmelo Hayes, hailed as one of the shining stars of NXT, ventured to the blue brand with aspirations of securing a spot in the Royal Rumble. Instead, Nick Aldis set him on a collision course with Austin Theory, a twist that would test Hayes' mettle.


In the squared circle, Hayes unleashed a performance that was nothing short of spectacular, a testament to his undeniable talent and proof that he is tailor-made for the spotlight of the main roster.


Randy Orton, LA Knight & AJ Styles Defeats. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa in a Handicap Match
In the latest clash of WWE titans, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa of The Bloodline found themselves in an uphill battle as they entered a Handicap Match against the formidable trio of Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles. With Roman Reigns out of the picture and allies seemingly in short supply, The Bloodline's duo was left to fend for themselves in a scenario that would put their resilience to the test.


As the match unfolded, The Bloodline in a dramatic showcase of tenacity and skill, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa stood alone against the might of Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles. With Roman Reigns not present, the duo had no choice but to engage in a daunting Handicap Match. The Bloodline employed strategic offense to temporarily remove Randy Orton from the equation, leveling the playing field to what resembled a standard tag team matchup.


However, the resilience of "The Viper" Randy Orton shone through as he made a striking return to the ring. In a display of veteran savvy, Orton executed a decisive pin on Jimmy Uso, securing a hard-fought victory for his team.


The action didn't cease with the match's conclusion. In a post-match statement of dominance, Orton, Knight, and Styles unleashed a fierce onslaught on Uso and Sikoa. This was not merely a response to the match's outcome but a deliberate and forceful message directed at The Bloodline's collective adversary ahead of the Royal Rumble.


This beatdown served as a symbolic gesture, asserting dominance and perhaps setting the tone for future encounters leading up to the highly anticipated event.

If you want to see how last night's main event unfolded on Smackdown then click the video below!

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