WWE Monday Night Raw Highlights 5th February 2024

Published on 6 February 2024 at 16:00

The WWE Monday Night Raw event on February 5, 2024 was live at the Enterprise Center St. Louis, Missouri delivered a thrilling series of matches and confrontations, setting the stage for future showdowns. Key highlights included Cody Rhodes triumphing over Shinsuke Nakamura in a grueling Bull Rope Match, only to be blindsided by Drew McIntyre in a post-match attack.


Cody Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins clash in a Duel of Words with Drew McIntyre

In an electrifying showdown, Cody Rhodes and Seth "Freakin" Rollins found themselves in a fierce and intense confrontation with the formidable Drew McIntyre. The atmosphere was thick with tension as these three titans of the ring brought their best to the squared circle, each one determined to prove their dominance. Rhodes and Rollins, known for their incredible athleticism and high-flying manoeuvres, matched wits and physical prowess against McIntyre's raw power and unyielding resolve. The clash was more than just a match; it was a battle of wills, as McIntyre's undeniable grit and tenacity met the combined force of Rhodes and Rollins' strategic and often acrobatic offence. Every move was charged with emotion, with McIntyre's aggressive tactics pushing his opponents to their limits. This was more than a mere wrestling match—it was a narrative of passion, skill, and the relentless pursuit of victory.


#DIY Defeats. The New Day, The Creed Brothers and Imperium In a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

In an electrifying display of teamwork and tenacity, #DIY, the formidable duo of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, emerged victorious in a high-octane Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match. The competition was fierce as they squared off against the vibrant energy of The New Day, the raw power of The Creed Brothers, and the strategic prowess of Imperium. The match saw an array of spectacular manoeuvres, but it was #DIY's signature move, "Meeting in the Middle," expertly executed on Giovanni Vinci, that clinched their triumph.


This significant victory propels Gargano and Ciampa into a highly anticipated confrontation on Friday's SmackDown, where they are set to face the dynamic pairing of Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. The stakes are sky-high, as the winners of this encounter will secure a coveted opportunity to challenge the reigning Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, The Judgment Day, at the WWE Elimination Chamber. Fans are on the edge of their seats, anticipating a clash of titanic proportions as these elite teams vie for the chance to ascend to the pinnacle of WWE's tag team mountain.

Becky Lynch Defeats.  Shayna Baszler to Qualify for the Elimination Chamber Match 

In a thrilling showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats, Becky Lynch faced off against Shayna Baszler in a match with high stakes: a coveted spot in the Elimination Chamber Match. From the opening bell, Baszler executed a strategic assault on Lynch's arm, aiming to dismantle The Man's ability to fight back with her signature moves. Despite Baszler's relentless offence, known for her prowess as The Submission Magician, Lynch showcased her resilience and determination.


The match was a testament to both competitors' skill and tenacity, with Baszler employing her grappling expertise to dominate early on. However, Lynch, ever the fighter, absorbed the punishment and waited for her moment to strike back. That moment came when Lynch, summoning her trademark grit, countered Baszler's aggression with a perfectly executed Man-handle Slam. This move not only neutralised Baszler's advantage but also secured Lynch the victory in a stunning display of strength and strategy.


With this win, Becky Lynch not only proved her dominance over one of the toughest competitors in the division but also earned her place in the Elimination Chamber. This marks a significant milestone for Lynch, as it's her first time competing in such a challenging and unpredictable environment. The stakes are higher than ever, as Lynch now sets her sights on the ultimate prize: an opportunity to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women's World Championship.


Fans are already buzzing with anticipation for Lynch's performance in the Elimination Chamber. Her victory over Baszler sends a clear message to her future opponents: Becky Lynch is a formidable force, ready to fight her way to the top and claim the championship title. As the date of the Elimination Chamber approaches, all eyes will be on Lynch as she prepares to battle it out with some of the best competitors in the world, proving once again why she is affectionately known as The Man.


Ivar & Valhalla Defeats. Akira Tozawa & Maxxine Dupri

In an electrifying Mixed Tag Team Match that will surely be etched in the memories of wrestling fans, the formidable duo of Ivar and Valhalla triumphed over Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri of The Alpha Academy. The highlight of the match was a breathtaking display of raw power and athleticism by Ivar, who pulled off the World's Strongest Slam from the second rope, a move that requires both strength and precision.


This high-risk manoeuvre not only captivated the audience but also shifted the momentum of the match in favour of Ivar and Valhalla, demonstrating their excellent teamwork and strategy. Valhalla, known for their fearless style, complemented Ivar's brute strength with agility, keeping their opponents on the defensive throughout the contest.


Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa, despite their best efforts and cohesive teamwork, could not withstand the onslaught. Tozawa, a nimble and spirited competitor, brought speed and agility to the match, while Dupri showcased her technical skills, making their team a force to be reckoned with. However, on this occasion, it was the sheer dominance and synergistic combat approach of Ivar and Valhalla that prevailed.


The victory was a testament to Ivar and Valhalla's dominance in the tag team division and marked an important milestone in their ascent through the ranks. The crowd erupted as Ivar's boots left the second rope and he descended upon Tozawa with the World's Strongest Slam, securing the pin and the victory.


Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax Exchanges Blows in a Titantic Brawl

In an unexpected and tumultuous turn of events, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and the indomitable Nia Jax engaged in a fierce and chaotic brawl that sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world. The altercation, which seemed to erupt out of nowhere, quickly spiralled into an all-out melee, capturing the attention of everyone in the arena.


The champion, Rhea Ripley, known for her formidable presence and aggressive fighting style, was not one to back down from a challenge. Nia Jax, equally known for her powerhouse tactics and no-nonsense approach in the ring, met Ripley's intensity head-on. The clash between these two titans was not just a display of physical prowess but also a battle of wills, as each competitor refused to yield an inch.


The chaos ensued as Ripley and Jax exchanged a series of heavy blows, their ferocity matching the roar of the crowd. Officials and security scrambled to contain the situation, but the two combatants were beyond restraint, their focus solely on besting one another. Chairs were tossed, barricades were rattled, and the ringside area became a battleground for these two warriors.


What started as a confrontation spiralled into a statement-making spectacle, with Ripley asserting her dominance as the champion and Jax demonstrating her resilience and strength. The brawl may have ended without a definitive victor, but it set the stage for a riveting rivalry that fans are eager to see unfold.


The Miz Defeats. JD McDonagh

In an exhilarating encounter that showcased the cunning and opportunistic nature of The Miz, he managed to secure a decisive victory over the formidable JD McDonagh. The match, which had been a back-and-forth affair, took a dramatic turn thanks to an unexpected intervention by R-Truth.


As JD McDonagh was gaining momentum, R-Truth made his presence felt in a way that only he can. Climbing onto the apron with the flair of a showman, he brandished what he claimed to be the earnings from his latest T-shirt sales. This bizarre spectacle caught McDonagh off guard, his attention hijacked by the distraction.


The Miz, ever the strategist, seized this moment of chaos. With a predator's instinct, he capitalised on McDonagh’s diverted focus, lining him up for his signature move. The crowd's anticipation built to a crescendo as The Miz executed the Skull-Crushing Finale, a manoeuvre as devastating as it is precise.


The referee slid into position, the crowd counted along, and with the final slap of the mat for the three-count, The Miz's arm was raised in triumph. This victory was not just a testament to his in-ring savvy but also highlighted the unpredictable nature of the sport, where alliances and rivalries can turn the tide at any moment.


The aftermath saw McDonagh regaining his senses, realising the impact of R-Truth's interference, while The Miz celebrated, his smirk telling a story of satisfaction and strategy that paid off. Fans were left wondering what repercussions this may have for the relationships between the three superstars and how this dynamic will play out in the future narratives of their careers.


“Main Event” Jey Uso Addresses Gunther for an Intercontinental Title Match

In a moment that set the stage for future showdowns, "Main Event" Jey Uso stepped into the spotlight and made his ambitions unmistakably clear – he's setting his sights on the Intercontinental Title, signaling a brewing storm in the division as he eyes the prestigious championship.


Jey Uso, a competitor known for his intensity and in-ring acumen, didn't just make a request; he issued a challenge that reverberated throughout the wrestling world. With a tone of undeniable determination, he vocalised his claim for a title match, one that could redefine his career and possibly shift the balance of power.


As the atmosphere buzzed with the implications of Uso's declaration, tensions escalated in a separate confrontation that saw The New Day and Uso collide with the formidable faction known as Imperium. This clash was a high-octane encounter, with both teams unleashing a barrage of high-flying manoeuvres and hard-hitting action that left the audience in awe.


The New Day, synonymous with charisma and high-energy performances, brought their signature brand of electricity to the fray. Meanwhile, the Uso's alliance with them added a layer of unpredictability and raw power. On the other side, Imperium stood as a united front, their disciplined and strategic style presenting a stark contrast to the improvisational and dynamic approach of their opponents.


The encounter was more than just a match; it was a statement of intent from all competitors involved, with each faction fighting not only for victory but for supremacy within the tag team hierarchy.


The Kabuki Warriors Defeats. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter to Retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

In a gripping display of agility and tactical prowess, The Kabuki Warriors successfully defended their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship against the tenacious duo of Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. This title rematch was more than just a battle for the belts; it was a narrative of redemption and resilience woven inside the squared circle.


From the outset, the match was a whirlwind of action, with both teams showcasing why they are at the pinnacle of women's tag team wrestling. Kairi Sane and Asuka of The Kabuki Warriors employed a combination of their high-octane offensive and unyielding spirit, which has become their hallmark. Their chemistry was palpable, moving with a synchronicity that can only be forged through countless battles side by side.


The turning point of the encounter came with a moment that encapsulated the ferocity of the competition. Kairi Sane, with a manoeuvre that was as strategic as it was ruthless, threw Katana Chance into the unforgiving steel steps outside the ring. This act not only exemplified the high stakes but also demonstrated Sane's willingness to push the limits to retain the championship gold.


With Katana Chance reeling from the impact, the stage was set for Sane to ascend to the top rope, her eyes fixed on Kayden Carter who lay vulnerable in the ring. What followed was the aerial spectacle known as the Insane Elbow, a move that has spelled the end for many a challenger. Sane soared through the air with grace and precision, her elbow crashing into Carter with a force that echoed throughout the arena.


The referee's hand hit the mat three times, confirming The Kabuki Warriors' victory and their continued reign as the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. As the victors' theme music played, they celebrated their triumph, the result of unwavering dedication and the undeniable synergy between them.


Cody Rhodes Defeats. Shinsuke Nakamura

In the world of professional wrestling, a Bull Rope Match is a rare and gruelling challenge that only the toughest dare to accept. Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura stepped into this punishing fray, tethered together by a length of heavy rope, a symbol of the inescapable confrontation that awaited them.


The match was a testament to the fierce rivalry between the two, with every move amplified by the relentless tug of the rope binding them. As the battle unfolded, Nakamura, ever the crafty and unpredictable fighter, resorted to underhanded tactics. In a moment that shocked those in attendance, he unleashed a blinding mist into the eyes of Rhodes, a move as nefarious as it was effective. Temporarily incapacitated, Rhodes was then hit with Nakamura's trademark Kinshasa, a strike that has spelled the end for many of his previous opponents.


But the spirit of the American Nightmare would not be quenched so easily. Rhodes, driven by a mix of fury and resilience, tapped into a deep well of determination. He rallied, turning the very rope that bound him into a weapon of retribution. With each calculated strike, Rhodes paid back the punishment he had received, weakening the defences of the King of Strong Style.


The crescendo of the match arrived when Rhodes, summoning all his remaining strength, delivered the Cross Rhodes. The impact was thunderous, a fitting finale to a match defined by its raw brutality. The referee's count was almost a formality, as everyone knew that such a manoeuvre from Rhodes spelled the end. The victory was his, but it was hard-earned and came at great cost.


However, the trials for Rhodes were far from over. As the dust settled and the adrenaline of victory began to wane, Drew McIntyre emerged to deliver a ruthless post-match assault. This surprise attack added insult to injury, leaving Rhodes battered and bruised, his moment of triumph overshadowed by McIntyre's imposing statement.

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