Monday Night Raw Highlights 19th February 2024

Published on 20 February 2024 at 16:00

Monday Night Raw was brought to you live last night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Hosting a vast array of matches and brewing rivalries continuing to grow heading towards the Elimination Chamber on Saturday the 24th February in Perth, Australia.


Drew McIntyre Defeats. Cody Rhodes 

In the high-stakes world of WWE, the road to WrestleMania XL is paved with intense rivalries and a burning desire for supremacy. Cody Rhodes, known as "The American Nightmare," has been battling fiercely, showcasing the heart of a champion in his pursuit of the most coveted title in sports entertainment—the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. However, the journey is far from easy, and Rhodes finds himself outmatched in resources and allies.


In a recent explosive encounter, Rhodes faced off against the formidable Drew McIntyre. Fans were on the edge of their seats as both Superstars exchanged powerful blows and signature moves. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with each wrestler's resilience pushing the other to their limits. Rhodes executed a textbook pedigree and followed with his trademark move, the Cody Cutter, in a display of pure skill and athleticism.


However, just as victory seemed within grasp for Rhodes, the unexpected happened. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa made a surprise appearance, their intervention tipping the scales in McIntyre's favour. This twist led to Rhodes' defeat, much to the joy of McIntyre, also known as "The Scottish Warrior," who relished in the victory handed to him through such devious means.


The drama did not end with the bell. Backstage, Rhodes was seen tending to his battle scars when none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth "Freakin" Rollins, approached with an offer. Rollins, a wrestler of high caliber known for his cunning and opportunism, proposed his services to Rhodes.


The offer sparked a conversation that could hint at a potential alliance or a new chapter in their storied saga. As WrestleMania XL looms closer, the WWE Universe is abuzz with speculation and excitement, wondering what twists and turns lie ahead on the road to the grandest stage of them all.


Raquel Rodriguez wins Battle Royal to Qualify for the Elimination Chamber

In a resounding declaration of intent, Raquel Rodriguez stormed back onto the WWE scene, capturing the Last Chance Battle Royal victory and securing her place in the highly anticipated Elimination Chamber match set to unfold in Perth. Her triumph wasn't just a win; it was a statement to every competitor in the Elimination Chamber field that she is a force to be reckoned with.


Despite a less than warm welcome upon her return to the ring, Rodriguez's sheer strength and determination shone brightly. Demonstrating her dominance early on, she dispatched Xia Li and Isla Dawn with a display of power that left the WWE Universe in awe.


The tension in the arena was electric, with every Superstar vying fiercely for the coveted chance to enter the Elimination Chamber. The stakes couldn't be higher, and alliances were formed in the heat of battle as Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler joined forces in a strategic move to eliminate multiple contenders from the fray.


However, it was Rodriguez's resilience that captured the spotlight. Even after Michin's departure from the ring at the hands of the Stark-Baszler alliance, Rodriguez stood undeterred. In a breathtaking solo effort, she conquered both Stark and Baszler, proving that she is a solitary warrior capable of overcoming the odds. This victory was not just a path to the Women's Elimination Chamber Match; it was a testament to her indomitable spirit and a clear message to all her adversaries: Raquel Rodriguez is back, stronger and more determined than ever. The Elimination Chamber now awaits her arrival, where she will stand among the elite, ready to battle for glory and carve her destiny in the annals of WWE history.


The Judgment Day Defeats. The Miz, R-Truth, & DIY 

In a riveting confrontation that will go down in WWE lore, The Judgment Day squared off against a formidable trio: The Miz, R-Truth, and the renowned DIY—Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. What was expected to be a match among allies quickly turned into an intense battle with former friends revealing themselves as fierce adversaries.


The Miz, alongside his unexpected partners Gargano and Ciampa, entered the ring with R-Truth, ready to face the collective might of The Judgment Day. The air was thick with tension as old friendships were cast aside, giving way to a clash where only the strongest would prevail.


The Judgment Day's cohesiveness and strategy were immediately apparent, their teamwork a well-oiled machine of wrestling proficiency. Yet, the resolve of R-Truth and his impromptu alliance shone through as they rallied against the onslaught, showcasing their own brand of resilience and fighting spirit.


The match escalated with each moment, leading to a crescendo where all but R-Truth and Priest were left standing. In these final, breath-holding moments, it was R-Truth who exemplified the moniker of Señor Money in The Bank. With precision and timing that captured the essence of his veteran savvy, R-Truth executed a flawless counter, stunning Priest long enough to deliver a devastating South of Heaven chokeslam.


This move, executed with the grace and impact of a seasoned gladiator, sealed the deal, clinching victory from the jaws of defeat. R-Truth, with his back against the wall, emerged not just as a survivor but as a conqueror, etching this moment into the annals of WWE history as a testament to his undying fighting spirit and the unpredictable nature of this grand spectacle of sports entertainment.


Chad Gable Defeats. Ivar

The ongoing saga between Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders escalated to new heights as Chad Gable secured a hard-fought victory over Ivar in what can only be described as a match for the ages.

From the outset, Ivar showcased his unique blend of speed and power, qualities not often seen in a man of his size. He moved with the swiftness of a cruiserweight and the brute force of a heavyweight, a combination that would typically overwhelm any opponent. Yet, on this day, it was the sheer willpower and tactical acumen of Chad Gable that proved to be the deciding factor.


Gable, never one to back down from a challenge, met Ivar's vigour head-on. The match was a testament to Gable's technical prowess and his unyielding resolve. The turning point came when Gable, with the crowd roaring in anticipation, achieved the unimaginable—he lifted Ivar, all 330 pounds of Viking strength, into the air with a Herculean deadlift suplex that shook the ring and those watching.


But Gable was not content with just a display of strength. He ascended to the top rope, his eyes set on the prize, and launched into the air with the grace of an eagle, executing a moonsault that was nothing short of perfection. The impact was palpable, and the audience was left in awe.


With Ivar reeling from the assault, Gable seized the opportunity. He applied a masterful Ankle Lock, wrenching it with precision and unrelenting pressure. The pain etched on Ivar's face was clear as day, and despite his warrior spirit, the Viking Raider had no choice but to submit to the superior mat technician.


Chad Gable's hand was raised in victory, not just as a testament to his skill, but as a declaration of the tenacity that runs through his veins. On this night, Gable was not just a wrestler; he was a gladiator who had conquered a Viking, adding a storied chapter to the rivalry that will be recounted for years to come in WWE history.


Gunther Defeats. Jey Uso to Retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Gunther, the Intercontinental Champion, once again proved why his reign is etched into the annals of WWE history as he emerged victorious against the formidable Jey Uso. This match was more than a title defence; it was a clash of wills, where the unyielding force of the Ring General met the unbridled determination of a challenger ready to ascend.


Jey Uso, representing the bloodline of warriors, stepped into the ring not just to contend but to stake his claim as a serious threat to the throne that Gunther has fiercely guarded. The intensity in Uso's eyes spoke volumes, and his actions soon matched that intensity. He unleashed a series of powerful spears, each one resonating with the promise of a new champion, each one a testament to Uso's raw power and heart.


However, the champion's taunts seemed to have spurred Uso's rage rather than deter his spirit, fuelling a relentless onslaught that would have felled any lesser man. But Gunther is no ordinary man; he absorbed the punishment, his resilience becoming the cornerstone of his legendary status.


In a moment that had the fans on their feet, Jey soared through the air with an Uso Splash that seemed to seal the fate of the match. The countdown began, and the title's destiny hung in the balance. It was then that Jimmy Uso, the wildcard, made his presence known. His unexpected interference, the ringing of the bell, sowed confusion and halted the referee's count, a momentary lapse that Gunther seized with ruthless efficiency.


In the aftermath of the pinfall, the air was thick with the shock of betrayal as Jimmy Uso unleashed a devastating attack on his own brother. The viciousness of his actions left the audience in disbelief, a stark reminder of the ever-present tension within the family dynasty. As Gunther walked away, his championship reign intact, the Uso legacy was left in turmoil, with the echoes of betrayal resonating louder than any bell.


If you would like to see how last night's events of WWE Monday Night Raw unfolded, then click the link below to view the highlights!

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