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Published on 15 December 2022 at 18:00

We’re now only an hour away from the majority of darts fans most awaited moment of the year. The World Darts Championships kick off very soon with an exciting opener between Mickey Mansell against Ben Robb and I really can’t wait.

With it being so close to the start of the tournament I thought it would only be right to share with you my favourite ever World Darts Championship moment, my wildcard to go far and of course who I think will collect the title at Ally Pally this year.

That’s not all, it isn’t just me giving my predictions I also have two very knowledgeable guests sharing theirs too. I have got the help from ‘The Weekly Dartscast’ host Burton DeWitt and Jack who is also known as @TheDartsReferee.


I thought there couldn’t be any better way of starting the predictions without sharing our most memorable World Darts Championship moments.

Harry @HarryLuc4s:

My favourite World Championship moment has to be Michael Van Gerwen’s 17 perfect darts, it is a clip that I have watched over and over and over again. I still watch it now and get excited about if only he had have hit the double 12 on the last throw it could have potentially been the best ever moment in darts and to make it better it was on the main stage. Although I do have a very close second and that has to be Willie Borelands nine darter, I am still not sure what was better though the nine darter or his celebration and interview afterwards – it was an incredible moment.


Burton DeWitt:

“The first World Championships I watched was 2012, that’s when Adrian Lewis repeated as World Champion and I got hooked off that. I think it was the two semifinals where Adrian Lewis came back from 5-1 down against James Wade and Hamilton and Whitlock went all to a last leg decider. However I do have to give a shoutout to the late Kyle Anderson’s 9 darter on his World Championship debut… it’s something I will never forget nor do I want to.”


Jack @TheDartsReferee:

“That has to be Adrian Lewis’ nine darter in the final against Gary Anderson. I remember I was playing darts with my brother and I remember it going in and us going absolutely mental. He’s been my favourite player for such a long time and then he went on to win it as well - that was the best!”


The next thing to discuss is the wildcard of the tournament, not for them to necessarily win it but to have a lot better time at the Palace than people expect.

Harry @HarryLuc4s:

My wildcard could be seen as a slightly controversial choice but I’d have to say Nathan Aspinall. He is currently at 33/1 in most bookies and I feel like he can go quite far this tournament. Even though he didn’t handle the pressure well at the Grand Slam of Darts final I feel like he will be hungry to go far at Ally Pally.


Burton DeWitt:

“It’s a tough question I don’t know if Josh Rock counts as a wildcard because he is now one of the second tier of players. I guess that means Callan Rydz as a potential wildcard  because Rock would be favourite in that match [if the win their first matches]. I still think one of these years one of the Asian players will break through because they really have a great soft tip circuit there. The PDC Asian Tour has started to develop we are starting to see them bring it with steel tip as well. But we have never seen anyone go on a real run at the World Championships yet maybe this is the year. If they do the person I think it will be is Laurence Ilagan.”


Jack @TheDartsReferee:

“It’s tough to pick a wildcard because the best players often win it but if I was to go with an outsider at 33/1 I would have to go with Joe Cullen I reckon he would be my wildcard.”

And Finally for our shout’s of who is going to win the tournament.


Harry @HarryLuc4s:

I could go an obvious shout of Michael van Gerwen as I think he is the favourite for a reason. However, not that this is much more out there but I have a weird feeling that Gerwyn Price could go all the way this year. Granted it isn’t the same but he also had an average of a 132.62 in a exhibition match semifinal against Ricky Evans last week too and that has potentially tipped me over the edge to go for him over the Dutchman.


Burton DeWitt:

“I am going to stick with a pick that I have to stick with because at the start of the year I predicted that Michael Smith wouldn’t win one major he would win two. He has won one so far and for me to be correct this is his last chance and I don’t want to be wrong about that so I am going to say Michael Smith.”


Jack @TheDartsReferee:

“I answer the same thing every time and I just say Van Gerwen, you can’t go against him he doesn’t win everything but he is normally the favourite for a reason and I just think he is my pick for every tournament that ever happens and it’s the same again now – Van Gerwen.”

So those are my predictions for the tournament alongside some others which have quite a bit more credibility than my own. Let me know what your guys thoughts are too.


Don’t forget to check out Burton DeWitt’s The Weekly Dartscast:

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Written by Harry Lucas @HarryLuc4s 


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