The final 8 have been decided: here's what happened on the third day of the World Cup of Darts

Published on 18 June 2023 at 12:01

Harry Lucas



Yesterdays results saw the three British teams sore through to the next round entering them in to the final day of the tournament. The Belgians put all decisions behind them to get the win over the Netherlands and the reigning champions also saw success. Here's how the results went...


Yesterdays results:

Afternoon Session

France 8-4 South Africa
Sweden 8-5 Canada
Australia 8-6 Croatia
Scotland 8-5 Philippines





Evening Session

Wales 8-2 Denmark
England 8-4 Latvia
Belgium 8-7 Netherlands
Germany 8-6 Poland



Here's what we're in for on the final day...

Wales v Sweden
Belgium v Australia
Scotland v France
England v Germany


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