Where is Harry Kane's most suitable destination?

Published on 22 May 2023 at 20:00


It's that time of year again where everyone is discussing all the big deals and transfers that can happen this summer and a regular talking point is where England's top international goal scorer Harry Kane will be at the start of the season. With the biggest clubs in Europe always having rumour's circulated around him from a distant stand point it looks like he's spoilt for choice of where to go - however that isn't always the case.

With Tottenham Hotspur rumoured to be wanting around £100 million for the striker his options for clubs are becoming slimmer and slimmer. In this article I will be discussing the 29 year old's option's ahead of the transfer window.


As of right now I can only really see Harry Kane staying in England next year for multiple reasons. Firstly because Kane's wages plus his transfer fee will more than likely be too much for most European clubs due to the FFP rules abroad and the stature certain clubs are at at the moment. Furthermore because I firmly believe that Harry Kane would have moved on a while ago if he wasn't focused on breaking the Premier League top goal scorer record. Previously I would have said Manchester City would have been a perfect option for him however as we all know the blue side of Manchester have a very strong strike force in Haaland and Alvarez at this current time and I can't imagine City showing any interest. However there are a couple of 'traditional Top 6' teams that I can imagine him going to. 

In my opinion there is only 3 options for Kane at the moment and they're Manchester United, Chelsea and staying put at Tottenham. Although Arsenal have pushed Man City all the way this year and a new striker is beneficial for them next season it is evident why Kane will not be playing his home games at the Emirates next season. Over the years Kane has shown his loyalty to Tottenham and has probably stayed longer than he should have - for his ability. Therefore although things are looking positive for Arteta's men it would be traumatic to Kane's reputation at Tottenham if he was to join 2nd place Arsenal. 

In addition I don't feel that a deal in signing for Liverpool would work out. Financial reasonings is yet again a main factor and it wouldn't be feesable for them but also because Klopp plays a different playstyle to what Kane is used to and at the age of 29 it may provide difficulty when trying to adapt late on in his career.




As we all know Chelsea seem to have had an endless pot of money for the last couple of decades whether it was Roman Abramovic in charge or the newer Todd Boehly and it wouldn't be a surprise if they went big again in the summer. Even with Romelu Lukaku returning from loan it will be likely that Chelsea feel they will need to strengthen in attack this summer. The question is could Kane be who they use to strengthen their attack? In my opinion, no! After a poor season this season for Chelsea and the fact that they won't have any European football will more than likely be enough for Kane to say no. Overall you would say Chelsea are in a better position than Tottenham in terms of a squad but something isn't clicking at Stamford Bridge and I find it very unlikely that he would tarnish his reputation by going to their rivals without getting definite success. If he made the move to Chelsea this summer and things weren't getting any better at the club he would then be stuck in a similar position to previous - tied down in a contract and still not winning trophies. So overall I feel that Chelsea is not the right fit. 



Manchester United

In terms of a move this summer this one makes the most sense! Erik Ten Hag has had a very positive first season in charge with one trophy already with the potential for a second in a few weeks time. On paper in terms of looking for an English club he would fit in to and not really damaging the loyalty he has shown to Spurs this would be the smartest move. However as we have seen this year and over the last few years with Manchester City showing their dominance a Premier League title still looks far away from coming to Old Trafford. The feelings around Kane departing Tottenham have always revolved around him winning trophies and in reality coming to Manchester United isn't a certainty that he will. Competition is only getting stronger and so are their rivals so this could be another risky move for him however still a better option that Chelsea.



Staying put...


From an outsiders point of view staying at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium next season seems ridiculous - or does it? Leaving to either Chelsea or Manchester United you'd expect would increase his chances of winning trophies however as mentioned prior with Arsenal pushing on and Manchester City's dominance there is still a high chance that he won't. 

Kane's contract ends in the summer of 2024 so at the end of next season he will be a free agent which could develop more options for him. Clubs abroad would have more chance of being able to pick him meaning he could potentially join one of the giants in Europe. It would be more likely that a Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or PSG would try capitalise on him and could potentially see him break away from the Premier League. Not only would staying provide him more options but the trajectory of transitioning clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United would be clearer and he would have more of a chance of seeing  what kind of direction the clubs are going without jumping the gun this year. 


But obviously it isn't as easy as that as Levy might feel that he wants to get a huge transfer sum for him whilst he can or Kane might want to force a move away and take a risk signing for a club in a rebuilding process. All will be revealed at the end of the transfer window however I feel staying another year is the most sensible option for the England international but I also wouldn't be surprised if he made the move to the Theatre of Dreams.


Harry Lucas

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