Top 10 All Time Premier League Attackers

Published on 16 July 2023 at 13:00

Top 10 All Time Premier League Attackers

In the 30 years the Premier League has existed, the position of striker or "centre-forward" has not evolved significantly. There are many different types of strikers who may meet a team's needs, and early greats like Alan Shearer would still be effective in the present era.


10. Robin Van Persie

Clubs: Arsenal, Man Utd

Appearances: 280 Goals: 144 Assists: 53

A pattern appears when you inquire about Robin van Persie. When we finalised the transfer, Arsene Wenger told me, "He's better than you think," according to Alex Ferguson. "He was right," Rio Ferdinand expressed his amazement as well, saying, "He was actually a better player than I thought. I had played against him many times before, so I knew he was good, but not this good. He has a dreamy left foot, superb touch, the ability to hold the ball up and bring others into action, timing of his runs, talents, and can finish.

9. Didier Drogba

Clubs: Chelsea

Appearances: 254 Goals: 104 Assists: 54

Every team loves a winner, and Didier Drogba from the Ivory Coast was one of those players for Chelsea. Yes, he was an expert in cup finals, but he was also an established league performer, as seen by his two Golden Boot triumphs and four Premier League titles.

Drogba was excellent in the air and possessed a cannon-like shot with both feet, but his skill and touch on set pieces was a truly lovely string to his bow.

8. Wayne Rooney

Clubs: Everton (2002-2004, 2017-2018), Manchester United (2004-2017)

Appearances: 491 Goals: 208 Assists: 103

Rooney showed rapid development and set multiple records for scoring while still an inexperienced player. Everton recognised him and he became their 16-year-old goal scorer. Rooney won the 2008 Champions League, the 2017 Europa League, an FA Cup, three League Cups, and five Premier League crowns while playing for Manchester United.

Rooney possessed a great degree of technical skill, creativity, and long-range passing in addition to physical strength, stamina, and a powerful shot.

7. Mohammed Salah

Clubs: Chelsea (2014-16) Liverpool(2017-Present)

Appearances:231 Goals:139 Assists:59

One of the Premier League's most lethal goal scorers is Mohamed Salah. Despite the ups and downs, the Egyptian has reached double figures this season.

Salah has been a standout player and a crucial player for Jurgen Klopp to rely on for goals ever since his arrival in 2017. 

Back in 2022 Klopp has this to say about the stellar winger : “I have no doubt Mo’s best years are still to come. And that’s saying something, because the first five seasons here have been the stuff of legend. Fitness-wise, he’s a machine – in the most incredible shape. He works hard on it and he gets his rewards. His ability and his skill level gets higher each season, and his decision-making has gone to another level also.”

6. Sergio Aguero

Clubs: Man City

Appearances: 275 Goals: 184 Assists: 47

There is no denying that Sergio Aguero is one of the very few players in the world who is capable of instilling complete terror in his opponents.

In addition to his versatility, Aguero's predatory instincts, acute game reading skills, and clinical finishing have helped him establish himself as a City icon during the past ten years. He now holds the record for most goals scored by a foreign player in the Premier League, which is pretty impressive.

5. Harry Kane

Clubs: Tottenham, Norwich

Appearances: 320 Goals: 213 Assists: 46

Trophies are frequently used as a benchmark to determine whether a player is genuinely world-class. Harry Kane's case should make the answer, "Yes, he is," abundantly evident.

With 131 goals and counting in fewer than 200 Premier League appearances, one of Tottenham's own has an incredibly impressive record. His four straight seasons of 20+ goals also show that he poses a very real threat to Alan Shearer's impressive goal total.

4. Alan Shearer

Clubs: Blackburn, Newcastle

Appearances: 441 Goals: 260 Assists: 64

It didn't matter what kind of goal Blackburn or Newcastle needed to score—tap-ins, first-time finishes, long-range bullets, free kicks, penalties, headers, back-heels—Shearer was your man.
Shearer was a strong target man with excellent aerial skills, ball retention, and a potent and accurate shot, much like Drogba.

He would have won several Premier League titles with Manchester United if it weren't for his undying loyalty to his beloved Newcastle.

3. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Clubs: Man Utd

Appearances: 150 Goals: 95 Assists: 14

A striker as talented as Ruud van Nistelrooy winning just one league championship during his tenure in England seems absurd.

But since the Dutchman did precisely that, it's a good thing we're still around to remember how admirable an individual he was. Van Nistelrooy scored 20 or more goals four times in his five seasons, but an injury prevented him from completing a perfect season.

He might be the best 'within the box' striker ever to touch Premier League shores because he is strong, iron-willed, and the ultimate poacher.

2. Eric Cantona

Clubs: Leeds, Man Utd

Appearances: 156 Goals: 70 Assists: 56

The goals Eric Cantona scored weren't as important as the method he scored them. The Frenchman spent four and a half seasons at Old Trafford after overstaying his welcome at Leeds. He was one of Alex Ferguson's most brilliant signings. Before it became a thing, Cantona brought 'swag' to United with his strut and turned-up collar.

His nine goals in 22 games, which helped Fergie win the first Premier League in 1992–1993, and his inspiring play, which earned the Reds three more titles, affected a generation of players like Scholes, Beckham, and Giggs. Fergie had a knack for scoring crucial goals.

1. Thierry Henry

Clubs: Arsenal

Appearances: 258 Goals: 175 Assists: 74

Henry set a record by scoring 24 or more goals in the Premier League for five straight seasons, winning the Golden Boot a record four times. Additionally, he shared the record for the most assists in 2003 (20), was named Player of the Season in 2004 and 2006, was named to the "PFA team of the year" six times in a straight, and finished second in the 2003 Ballon d'Or voting.

Henry was renowned for his speed and poise when he ran past defences to score goals with accurate low strikes. He was able to score thanks to his technical abilities from afar, from free kicks, or after dribbling past defenders. He also racked up a lot of assists by swaying to the left flank.

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