Think you know FPL? Join our league and earn some prizes

Published on 8 August 2023 at 21:00


Fancy yourself to top our Fantasy Premier League? If so don't hesitate to get involved, this year HL Division Sport are setting up a Fantasy Premier League and we want you to prove your ball knowledge and win some prizes. Up for grabs this year is a Mystery Football shirt box ! You get the option to decide whether you would like a European or English football shirt. 

Why wouldn't you join the Mystery Football Shirt hype train for free by getting involved in our League?



The League is free to enter and all we need you to do is promote our socials 



Here's the link to the League and our code



You will not be entered with a chance of winning the Mystery Football Shirt of you do not complete these tasks. 

We need a minimum of 50 people in the League to get it started, so share it between your friends.

Good Luck 


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