Fan Favourites: Middlesbrough

Published on 12 August 2023 at 20:00

We all have a particular player from our club that holds a special place in our heart.


Whether they scored the first goal you remember seeing live or hail from your own local area, everyone has that one footballer with whom they really connect.


Well, today we're going to be continuing our research into these 'Fan Favourites', and this time, we'll be looking into my own club: Middlesbrough.


As mentioned before, there are many reasons why a certain player can resonate with someone. 


For example, I have always been drawn to a right-winger who looks to take on his opponents and create, largely down to the fact that I played there as a youngster before my inevitable slide towards the bench. 


However, the main reason these players find their way into my heart is because they have the tendency to get you off your feet and provide the joy that football can bring. 


One such man who will always be remembered fondly on Teesside is La Masia graduate Adama Traoré.


A freakish physical specimen, Traoré's lightning speed and incredible strength caused nightmares for Championship defences up and down the land in 2018 as the one designated 'joy-bringer' in an otherwise drab team.


So, with that in mind let's take a look at my favourite, current Middlesbrough player: Isaiah Jones.


Isaiah Jones is a pacy winger with quick feet and an eye for a cross (certainly fitting the aforementioned mould). Whilst the 24 year old is constantly looking to get past his man he is no slouch on the defensive side, largely due to his impressive breakthrough season in which he featured almost exclusively as a wing back.


With memorable performances such as his demolition of Wayne Rooney's Derby County in February 2021 (a fixture which saw Jones supply three assists), the London-born winger dazzled at the Riverside stadium and earned a place in the hearts and minds of many a supporter.


However, things have not always been so rosy for the 24 year old. Just a few months ago, Jones was seen as a one season wonder who was past his sell-by date due to a string of unimpressive performances and a lengthy, unexplained spell out of the action.


With fan opinion of the winger at an all time low, Jones appeared on The Beautiful Game Podcast to explain his side of the story and why his sophomore season in the first-team squad hadn't quite hit the heights of his breakout campaign.


This bravery coupled with his passion for the club, humble nature and obvious talent make Isaiah Jones a fan favourite on Teesside and my favourite player at the club.


But Middlesbrough fans, we want to know who your favourite player at the club right now is. Let us know on social media or by leaving a comment.


Make sure to let us know what club you'd like to see us cover next.




Ben Watts

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