History awaits for Max Verstappen at the Dutch GP

Published on 6 August 2023 at 13:00

Nathan Hartley


The 2023 season has been thoroughly dominated by Red Bull, winning every race so far this season, maintaining a 100% record going into Formula 1's summer break.


Max Verstappen, Red Bull (Image Credit: Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


What is the record Verstappen is chasing?


Verstappen has broken many records during his time in Formula 1. The Dutchman has come into fruition over the past couple of years, winning two world championships with Red Bull. The Dutchman is well on his way to earn his third world championship after dominating the majority of the season.


The reigning world champion currently finds himself 125 points of closest rival Sergio Perez going into the summer break. It would be astonishing to say the least if Verstappen does not win the championship from here.


However, there are still some record to be broken. Verstappen is currently on an eight win streak, starting from this year's Miami Grand Prix. The record that Verstappen could equal - at his home race in the Netherlands - is Sebastian Vettel's record of nine consecutive race wins achieved with Red Bull back in 2013.


Verstappen is currently level with Alberto Ascari on eight. However, with how Red Bull are performing and the reigning world champion clearly more comfortable in the Red Bull car, it seems inevitable that the Dutchman will be able to achieve this feat.


Who's will be more impressive?


Many thought that Vettel's record would never be touched again due to the sheer consistency needed to make it happen. It did seem that way, as despite Lewis Hamilton dominating the years of 2014-2021, he could not get close to the German's record.


However, 10 years later, the record could now be equalled. With the reliability of the cars being better than ever, it gives the Dutchman the best chance of equalling the record.


A difference between the two feats is that Vettel record was done after the summer break, as Red Bull improved their car significantly over the summer break. However, Verstappen is one win away from the nine consecutive wins before the summer break.


Vettel's record came at a time where reliability was an issue with the V8 engines. Red Bull were running with Renault at the time, who didn't have the best track record of reliability - they even don't nowadays, especially with the 2022 season.


Both Vettel and Verstappen were winning races by comfortable margins, making everyone else look like they had no chance of competing against them.


Vettel doing doughnuts after achieving nine wins in a row at the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix (Image Credit: Darren Heath/Getty Images)

Can Verstappen do it?


It would be a fairytale story of Verstappen equalling the record at his home race in Zandvoort. Since the track came back to the calendar in 2021, the reigning world champion has won both of the races.


That, alongside Red Bull winning every race this year, makes me have no doubt that Verstappen will equal Vettel's record in Zandvoort in front of the home crowd.


However, to break the record, Verstappen has to do it in Monza, where the Dutchman has not had the best of luck there. Despite winning last year, the 25-year-old had not achieved a podium finish in the years prior to 2022.


Despite this, Monza suits Red Bull's RB19 to a tee with all the straights, allowing the Austrian team to utilise their incredible straightline speed. Therefore, I believe that Verstappen will be able to do it. It's just the case of how many until he finally doesn't win.


How many races in a row do you think Verstappen will win and what will be the race where the Dutchman finally doesn't win in?

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