Max Verstappen: Top 5 F1 moments

Published on 21 November 2023 at 16:30

It's no secret Red Bull's 3x world champion Max Verstappen has been dominating F1 for the past couple of seasons but let's take a look at his top five moments from his motorsporting career...

  1. Formula One's youngest ever competitor at just 17 years old, the Dutchman made his F1 debut with Toro Rosso which then turned into F1's youngest point scorer at just 18 years old, a year later with Red Bull in Barcelona 2016.
  2.  2023 Spanish Grand Prix became Verstappen's third career Grand Slam - Austria 2021 and Emilia Romagna 2022. He now brings himself level with Nelson Piquet and where he secured his first win. 
  3. 2022 Belgian Grand Prix - Verstappen didn't have the start he wanted after qualifying first the day before the race, he was later demoted to P14 after a series of penalties for replacing components on his car. But this didn't stop him. After just one lap at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit he was already up to eight position and by lap 12 he was up in front after overtaking teammate Sergio Perez. Also claiming a bonus point for the fastest lap, Vertstappen led the orange army to victory on home turf. 
  4. Third world title- with winning three world championships in a row, will Verstappen make it happen again next season? He sealed his latest title out in Qatar after finishing second in the sprint race following behind McLaren's Oscar Piastri. Perez's three-way collision with Alpine's Esteban Ocon and Haas's Nico Hulkenburg, meant that Verstappen could no longer be beaten by his teammate in the standing therefore awarding him his latest achievement. 
  5. This last one may be a controversial one but Hamilton Vs Verstappen. Since the recent title battle back in the season finale in Abu Dhabi 2021, decisions still float around who should have really won that driver's championship. With Verstappen having led on more victories than the 7x world champion, it was a case of winner takes all. Lap 57 is where everything started. Former F1 race director Michael Masi had allowed five of the lapped cars to unlap themselves, this was all that Verstappen needed to have a free run at Hamilton leading him to secure the 2021 F1 world championship. 

Harley Parker 

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