Guenther Steiner : 10 years at Haas

Published on 19 January 2024 at 16:00

Earlier this month Haas revealed that team principal Guenther Steiner was to leave the team with immediate effect. 

After 10 years leading the team, director of engineering Ayao Komatsu will replace him for the forseeable future. 

The Italian first joined the team back in 2016 when the American team landed in Australia where Steiner celebrated his first points. 

The 58-year-old, has led Haas to success in recent years but this all fell short as last season wasn't so good - finshing last in the constructors' championship.

Working across engineering and management roles with British American Racing, the former team principal has over 20 years experience in the motorsport business. 

Since then, he has become a star in Netflix's hit documentary Drive To Survive but having left the Formula One scene, fans won't be seeing his personality on screen anytime soon.

But where did it all start?

Steiner broke into the world of F1 in 2001 when the late Niki Lauda scouted him and persuaded him to become a managing director at Jaguar Racing. 

One season later and a large hiatus from the sport, Red Bull Racing came knocking at his door and offered him the role of technical operations director which he gladly took and most likely didn't regret. 

Staying with the team until 2008, Steiner moved across the world to the US until his return back to F1 eight years later to join Haas as team principal. 

Now having left the team, Steiner has spoke out about his shock leave since the news broke, saying that it was "a little bit of a suprise" and "he [Gene Haas] owns the team,he can do what he wants and it's his decision." (

What happens next? 

Nico Hulkenburg and Kevin Magnussen are confirmed to be staying for a second year with the team but how will they play under new management?

And what will Komatsu be bringing to the track ahead of the 2024 season?

The Formula One 2024 seasons kicks off on March 29 in Bahrain for the first race. 

Harley Parker 

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