Should Liam Lawson Have a Seat for the 2025 Formula 1 Season?

Published on 15 February 2024 at 16:00

Liam Lawson, a name that resonates with promise and potential in the world of motorsport, has been a focal point of discussions around Formula 1's future talent. As a reserve driver during the 2023 Formula 1 season, Lawson demonstrated a level of skill and dedication that not only justified his position within the paddock but also made a compelling case for his elevation to a full-time seat in the 2025 Formula 1 season. This article delves into Lawson's performances, his journey as a reserve driver in 2023, and the qualities that make him a deserving candidate for a full-time role in the pinnacle of motorsport.


Background and Early Career

Liam Lawson hails from New Zealand, a country with a rich motorsport heritage. Starting his career in karting, Lawson quickly made a name for himself by winning national titles and making successful forays into international racing. Transitioning to single-seaters, he showcased his prowess in various junior formulas, including dominant performances in the Toyota Racing Series and impressive stints in European racing series. His trajectory followed the classic path of a racing prodigy, marked by rapid progression and consistent success across different levels of competition.


2023 Season as a Reserve Driver

In 2023, Lawson was signed as a reserve driver for one of the Formula 1 teams, a role that, while not providing him with regular racing opportunities, placed him in a crucial position to learn, adapt, and prove his worth at the highest level of motorsport. Throughout the season, Lawson was involved in numerous test sessions, simulator work, and was often seen working closely with the team's engineers and primary drivers. His work behind the scenes was pivotal in developing the car and refining strategies, showcasing his technical understanding and feedback capabilities. Even scoring two points for Alpha Tauri after an incredible Singapore Grand Prix.


Standout Performances and Contributions

Lawson's contributions as a reserve driver were not limited to off-track activities. Whenever he had the opportunity to participate in Free Practice sessions, he impressed with his speed, consistency, and ability to quickly adapt to the demanding conditions of Formula 1. His performances in these sessions were often comparable to, and sometimes better than, those of more experienced drivers, highlighting his potential and readiness for competitive racing.


Moreover, Lawson's role extended beyond the cockpit. His technical feedback and work with the engineering team contributed to significant improvements in car performance, demonstrating a deep understanding of the vehicle's dynamics and a strong collaborative spirit. His dedication to the team's success, coupled with his personal development, painted the picture of a driver who is not only fast on the track but also valuable in the development process.


Why Lawson Deserves a Full-Time Seat in 2025

The argument for Lawson's promotion to a full-time seat in 2025 is built on several pillars:


  1. Rapid Adaptation and Learning Curve: Lawson has shown an exceptional ability to adapt to the complexities of Formula 1 machinery and operations quickly. His learning curve is indicative of a driver who can continue to grow and compete at the highest levels.
  2. Technical Acumen and Team Contribution: His significant contributions to car development and team strategy underline not just his driving skills but also his understanding of the technical aspects of the sport, a critical trait for success in Formula 1.
  3. Performance Under Pressure: In his limited on-track appearances, Lawson demonstrated calmness and performance under pressure, suggesting he has the mental fortitude required for the intense environment of Formula 1 racing.
  4. Potential for Growth: At his young age, Lawson's ceiling is incredibly high. His journey so far has shown that he has not only the talent but also the work ethic to continue improving and adapt to the challenges of Formula 1.
  5. Marketability and Fan Engagement: Lawson's engaging personality and growing fan base add an extra dimension to his appeal, making him a valuable asset for teams looking to build their brand and connect with audiences globally.


In conclusion, Liam Lawson's 2023 season as a reserve driver showcased a multifaceted talent ready for the next step. His blend of speed, technical understanding, and ability to work within a team framework makes him a prime candidate for a full-time seat in the 2025 Formula 1 season. For teams looking towards the future, investing in a driver with Lawson's potential could be a pivotal decision in their quest for success.


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