Audi's sustainable 2026 season move

Published on 3 June 2024 at 20:00

Credit: Alonso-brosmann

Audi are to become a power unit supplier from the 2026 season after Formula One announced the German manufacturer will be joining the sport.

The power unit will run on electrical power and use 100% sustainable fuels which will maintain the current V6 engines.

Their aim is to create more sustainability within Formula One and be more cost efficient which will work alongside the cost cap for power units manufacturers which was introduced for the 2023 season. F1 also aim to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030.

October of 2022, just  two months after their announcement, Audi reached an agreement with Sauber to take over their operational work. Sauber now known as Kick Sauber, have been previously racing under Alfa Romeo and Ferrari  but Audi will be their replacement as a "strategic partner" but Kick Sauber will be responsible for any planning ideas and racing operations.

It wasn't until last January that Audi had had taken a minority stake in the Sauber company but that figure has not been disclosed and they now have chosen to take a full ownership of the business.

Andreas Seidl, former McLaren team principal, will become the CEO of Audi F1 team from the 2026 season.

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