Haas' significant upgrade is delayed until Hungary

Published on 17 June 2022 at 16:00

Haas had already planned an upgrade package to debut in Paul Ricard, but the American team have now said that they will have to wait until the Hungarian Grand Prix.



The American team have decided not to introduce a 'significant' upgrade to their car - unlike many teams did, especially in Barcelona - and they believed that the performance was gained more efficiently with them perfecting the set up for each race weekend instead.

Haas were originally planning to bring the upgrades to the French Grand Prix as they said in Spain - with most teams bringing big upgrades then - but now Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has now admitted that they will have to delay the upgrades up until Hungary.

"Maybe it will be Hungary," Steiner started saying whilst in Montreal.  “We took a step back because we wanted to check something else in the wind tunnel, but now we are full steam on in production for Hungary."


Steiner further went on to say, “That is the aim. We try to better it, but I don’t know where we get to.


Steiner is hoping that this upgrade package will deliver the American team a "big chunk of lap time" with the boss not caring how it looks as he just wants the car to be faster, but he admitted that "there we will be able to see a difference."

Steiner also revealed that this Hungary package will be the last upgrade for this year as they want to shift the focus early on the 2023 car instead of further developing their 2022 competitor.


“We will shift to next year's car. That’s it,” he said. “No further upgrades.

“We are just stopping to make parts for this car. You always continue to develop and obviously, if you find something which on this car gives you a big advantage, then you do it.

“But we are not specifically working for this car on a big package.”

Could this be because of their budget cap being swallowed up due to the amount of crashes German driver Mick Schumacher has had this year with the young German costing the team £1 million for a single crash!


This upgrade confirms it is 'make or break' for Haas as they won't be developing the car further.  The American team had a strong start to the season with Kevin Magnussen finishing fifth, but now the American team are now considered as the ninth quickest car with Aston Martin making huge strides with their B-Spec car.


What are your thoughts about Haas stopping their upgrades after Budapest and you think the American team have done this due to Mick Schumacher's crashes affecting the budget cap?


Nathan Hartley (@NathanHartleyF1)

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