Can Ngannou upset Fury?

Published on 25 October 2023 at 20:00

Tyson Fury is now a global superstar, and this weekend, he’s getting his teeth stuck into something rather unique. Francis Ngannou is an absolute monster, born in Cameroon, but made in the UFC, the African giant is looking to shock the world, as two of the biggest, most powerful men come head-to-head in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

Francis has a very soft-spoken manner, but one thing that has always come across when interviewed is his dream to become a champion. He made his UFC debut in December of 2015, knocking out Luis Enrique in the second round, making an instant name for himself. Since then, he has steamrolled his way to the top, not looking back, and knockout after knockout, Ngannou eventually became heavyweight champion on March 27th, 2021, defeating Stipe Miocic. Today, Ngannou is a free agent in the fighting world, and has opted to crossover to boxing rather than stick to his roots with the UFC. Ngannou is now poised to go for all the marbles on Saturday night as he will meet lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury in the middle of the ring.

Ngannou is set to make over $6million after Saturdays bout, over ten times the amount he took home for his final UFC fight against Ciryl Gane. The Cameroonian found himself to be homeless for a period of his life which he has described as ‘the toughest few months’. He was held in a Spanish prison for two months, and once eventually granted refugee status and freed, he joined a French fighting gym, and the rest as the say, is history. Nonetheless, Ngannou is now making his millions in the fighting game, and all his hard work has paid off.

Tyson Fury, on the other hand, has received criticism by many for taking this fight, with some even saying they will not be tuning in to watch it. However, I am sure even the ‘haters’ and people against this match up will still engage in some form to this absolute mega fight. It is essentially a must see, with two of the biggest men on the planet who pack huge power in their punches coming face to face.

For Fury, in terms of boxing and his belts, it doesn’t really mean an awful lot, in this sense, it is solely a money fight. Fury himself has tried to big the fight up as his toughest challenge yet, but most are shunning this idea. Despite the general opinion the Fury will wipe the floor of Ngannou and have an easy night, the big Cameroonian may genuinely pose a massive threat to The Gypsy King. Ngannou has been trained by former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in the build-up to this fight and with his heavy handed, explosive power punches, does stand a chance at knocking out Fury. He essentially has one route to victory, a KO, it is almost a forgone conclusion he can’t win on points, so he must go for the KO.

The PPV event starts at 6pm on TNT Sports on Saturday night in the UK, however ring walks for the main event will commence at just before 11pm. Can Ngannou shock the world? Or will Tyson Fury prove he is the true baddest man on the planet?


Written by Carrick Galbraith

Twitter - @carrickgalb123

Instagram - @carrick.426_

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