WWE Friday Night Smackdown Highlights 19th January 2024

Published on 20 January 2024 at 16:00

The January 19, 2024, edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, broadcast live from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, was a night packed with high-stakes action and drama.


WWE Fatal Four-Way Contract Signing

In a surprising turn of events at the much-anticipated contract signing for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match, Roman Reigns, the reigning champion, was noticeably absent. The atmosphere was thick with tension as the WWE Universe waited with bated breath for the 'Head of the Table' to make his grand entrance. However, as time ticked on, it became evident that Roman Reigns would not be gracing the event with his presence.


Amidst the growing confusion and speculation, Nick Aldis, a man known for his sharp suits and even sharper wit, stepped into the ring. With a calm yet authoritative voice, he addressed Paul Heyman directly, cutting through the murmurs of the crowd. He delivered a rather startling piece of news: there was a possibility that the Undisputed WWE Universal Title could be declared vacant. This pronouncement sent shockwaves through the arena as the implications of such an announcement began to sink in.


Aldis, standing in the squared circle, continued to captivate the audience. He laid out a scenario that no one had anticipated – a blockbuster revelation. He suggested that three of WWE's finest competitors – the Phenomenal AJ Styles, the Viper Randy Orton, and the rising star LA Knight – could be pitted against each other in a high-stakes battle for the championship that Reigns held so closely.


The mere mention of such illustrious names vying for a title that could potentially be up for grabs turned the atmosphere from confusion to electric anticipation. Fans began to envision the matchups, the potential rivalries, and the sheer spectacle of such a contest. Styles, with his high-flying prowess and technical expertise; Orton, with his cunning and lethal RKO; and LA Knight, with his brash confidence and raw talent – all in one ring, with the grandest prize in sports entertainment on the line.


As Paul Heyman absorbed this information, his expression was one to behold – a mix of concern and calculation. The advocate, known for his strategic mind, was now in a position where he had to consider a future event without his client, the 'Tribal Chief', as the centerpiece. The implications for Roman Reigns' reign, the championship's lineage, and the WWE landscape were significant and potentially game-changing.


This development set the stage for what could be one of the most unpredictable and thrilling chapters in WWE history. With the potential for a vacant title and the caliber of superstars ready to claim it, the WWE Universe was left in anticipation of what could come next. Would Reigns return to claim his title, or would a new champion emerge from this unprecedented situation? Only time would tell, but one thing was for sure – the road to the Undisputed WWE Universal Title had taken an unexpected detour, one that promised drama, excitement, and the kind of action that can only be found in the world of professional wrestling.


LA Knight and AJ Styles’s War of Words Ends in Brawl and Orton Promises to RKO The Tribal Chief

The tension in the air was palpable as AJ Styles and LA Knight, two of WWE's most dynamic and charismatic superstars, erupted into a spontaneous brawl that had the crowd on its feet. The two gladiators clashed with a ferocity that echoed the deep-seated rivalry brewing between them. Styles, with his calculated precision and agility, engaged in a fierce exchange of blows with Knight, whose raw power and unyielding resolve made him a formidable opponent. The melee was a chaotic symphony of grappling and high-flying maneuvers, with both superstars pulling no punches in their quest for dominance.


In the midst of the chaos, Randy Orton, a veteran predator always lurking in the shadows, seized the moment to make a bold declaration. With the eyes of the WWE Universe fixed on him, Orton delivered a chilling promise that sent shivers down the spine of anyone who heard it. He vowed to reintroduce Roman Reigns, the absent champion, to one of the most devastating and iconic moves in his arsenal: the RKO.


Orton's voice resonated with confidence and intent, his words laden with the weight of a challenge that could not be ignored. The Viper, known for his calculating mind and sudden strikes, was clearly laying down the gauntlet, signaling his readiness to strike at the heart of Reigns' empire. The RKO, a move that has felled many greats and altered the course of countless matches, was the weapon Orton was ready to wield once more, this time with the 'Tribal Chief' in his sights.


The promise of an RKO to Reigns was more than just a threat; it was a statement of intent from Orton, a reminder to Reigns and the WWE Universe that the apex predator was always watching, waiting for his moment to reclaim the pinnacle of WWE's mountain. With Reigns' absence casting a shadow over the event, Orton's words served as a stark reminder that in the world of WWE, no one is ever truly out of reach, and legacies are only as secure as one's ability to defend them.


As the evening drew to a close, the WWE Universe was left to wonder: When would this confrontation come to pass? Would Reigns accept Orton's challenge, or would the Viper have to hunt down his prey? And in the volatile landscape of WWE, what twists and turns awaited the superstars as they navigated the treacherous waters of rivalry, ambition, and the unrelenting pursuit of glory? One thing was certain: the stage was set for a collision course that could redefine the careers of those involved and reshape the contours of WWE's storied history.


Santos Escobar, Angel & Humberto def. The LWO

In a riveting Six-Man Tag Team Match that had the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats, Santos Escobar, Angel, and Humberto triumphed over The LWO in what was a breathtaking display of athleticism and in-ring savvy.


The match was a high-octane affair from the bell, with both trios exchanging a flurry of high-impact maneuvers and demonstrating the kind of seamless teamwork that only comes from shared ambition and mutual respect. The crowd was electrified, witnessing a tug-of-war for supremacy as each team sought to outdo the other.


As the match reached its crescendo, Carlito, a master of in-ring deception and cunning, seemed to have turned the tide in favor of The LWO. In a moment that combined both precision and betrayal, he delivered his signature move, the Backstabber, to Humberto. The move, as devastating as it is symbolic, was executed to perfection, drawing gasps from the audience who thought the end was near for Humberto and his teammates.


However, unbeknownst to Carlito and the roaring fans, a critical tag had been made just moments before. Santos Escobar, ever the strategist, had stealthily tagged himself into the match, unbeknownst to Carlito, who was too caught up in the thrill of the moment. This miscalculation would prove costly.


With Carlito's back turned, celebrating what he thought was a certain victory, Escobar sprang into action. Seizing the opportunity, he swooped in like a hawk to claim his prey, covering a stunned Humberto for the pinfall before Carlito could even process the turn of events.


The referee's hand hit the mat one, two, three times, and just like that, the match was over. Escobar, Angel, and Humberto had their hands raised in victory, having outsmarted The LWO in a match that was as much a mental chess game as it was a physical battle.


As the trio celebrated their hard-fought victory, the crowd erupted in cheers for the cunning and agility displayed by Escobar. The disappointment was evident on the faces of The LWO, who realized they had been bested at their own game. This match was a testament to the unpredictability of WWE, where the action inside the ring is as much about the mind as it is about muscle, and where a single moment of distraction can lead to an exhilarating victory or a devastating defeat.


Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate def. Pretty Deadly

On an electrifying night of SmackDown, the WWE Universe was treated to a thrilling tag team encounter as the returning Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, known as the "BruiserWeight" and "Big Strong Boi" respectively, took on the formidable duo of Pretty Deadly, comprised of Elton Prince and Kit Wilson.


The match was a showcase of Dunne's brutal precision and Bate's explosive power, a combination that has thrilled fans time and time again. The chemistry between Dunne and Bate was palpable, with their synchronized offense reminding the WWE Universe why they are considered one of the most dynamic pairings in professional wrestling.


Pretty Deadly, always confident and ready for a fight, proved they were no easy hurdle, countering with their own brand of sleek teamwork and underhanded tactics. Prince and Wilson worked in tandem, pushing Dunne and Bate to their limits, and at several junctures, it seemed as though they might snatch victory.


As the match progressed, the intensity ramped up, with each team trading momentum. The crowd was on its feet as the endgame approached, sensing that something momentous was about to unfold.


In the climactic moments, Tyler Bate, the "Big Strong Boi," summoned his strength and agility to execute a breathtaking maneuver that would shift the course of the match. With the audience roaring in approval, he soared over the top rope, eliminating Wilson from the equation with a daring dive that left the competitor sprawled at ringside.


With Wilson neutralized, the focus shifted back to the ring where Pete Dunne, "The BruiserWeight," was lying in wait. As Prince staggered to his feet, unaware of the impending doom, Dunne pounced, executing his finisher, the Bitter End, with devastating precision.


The impact of the move resonated throughout the arena as Dunne covered Prince for the pin. The referee's hand came down for the three-count, sealing a monumental victory for the returning Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate.


The crowd erupted as the bell rang, signaling not just a win, but the triumphant return of two of WWE's most beloved fighters. Dunne and Bate stood tall in the ring, their arms raised, basking in the adulation of the fans, having overcome Pretty Deadly in a match that was as much a testament to their resilience as it was a reminder of their unmatched prowess in the tag team division.


Logan Paul attacks Kevin Owens' arm in a vicious assault

In a shocking display of aggression that left fans both stunned and concerned, Logan Paul unleashed a savage attack on Kevin Owens, focusing his ruthless onslaught on Owens' arm. This brutal strategy was not just a statement of physical dominance but also a psychological ploy to dismantle one of the WWE's most resilient superstars.


The assault began suddenly, with Paul exploiting an opening, demonstrating a level of ruthlessness that has quickly become his trademark in the squared circle. He seemed to have done his homework, isolating Owens' arm and systematically dismantling it with a sequence of targeted strikes that showcased both his power and precision.


As the attack unfolded, it became clear that Paul was intent on sending a message to both Owens and the entire WWE roster. His methodical dismantling of Owens' arm was a chilling reminder of his capabilities and the lengths he would go to secure his place at the top of the WWE hierarchy.


Kevin Owens, known for his grit and never-say-die attitude, fought valiantly against the onslaught. However, Paul's relentless focus on the arm left Owens struggling to defend himself, each move more desperate than the last. The pain etched on Owens' face spoke volumes, as the WWE Universe witnessed a man pushed to the brink.


The brutality of the attack left commentators and fans alike questioning Paul's motives. Was this an attempt to sideline Owens for a significant time, or was it a calculated move to weaken him for a future encounter? Regardless of his intentions, Logan Paul's actions on this night were a brutal testament to his evolution from a charismatic personality to a formidable and dangerous competitor within the WWE.


WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance def. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

In a captivating defense of their titles, WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance showcased why they are at the pinnacle of the women's tag team division. They emerged victorious over the fierce duo of Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, solidifying their reign with a triumphant execution of their signature move, the Keg Stand. The champions synchronized with the kind of flawless teamwork that has become their hallmark, outmaneuvering their challengers with a combination of high-flying acrobatics and unyielding determination.


The match itself was a whirlwind of action, with all four competitors displaying a level of athleticism and intensity that had the crowd roaring with approval. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, no strangers to the high stakes of championship gold, put forth a valiant effort. They unleashed a torrent of innovative offense that pushed the champions to their limits. However, the cohesive unit of Carter and Chance proved to be unstoppable, and with a well-timed Keg Stand, they sealed yet another successful title defense.


But the drama did not end with the bell. As Carter and Chance celebrated their victory, their moment of triumph was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of The Kabuki Warriors, whose presence immediately shifted the atmosphere from celebration to confrontation. The Kabuki Warriors, known for their striking presence and formidable in-ring skills, wasted no time in making their intentions clear. They issued a challenge that reverberated throughout the arena.


The air was thick with anticipation as the champions, still basking in the glow of their hard-fought victory, were suddenly faced with a new threat. The Kabuki Warriors stood across from them, their gaze locked and loaded with competitive fire.


In a display of courage and competitive spirit, Carter and Chance did not hesitate. They accepted the challenge, proving that they are fighting champions, ready and willing to take on all comers. The WWE Universe buzzed with excitement at the prospect of this high-profile confrontation. Damage CTRL Superstars, renowned for their destructive capabilities and strategic prowess, were now in the mix, adding an extra layer of intrigue and danger to the already combustible situation.


The stage was set for a showdown that promised to captivate the WWE fans with its blend of raw power, unrelenting ambition, and the quest for supremacy in the women's tag team division. The champions had made their stance clear: they would not back down, they would not relent, and they would meet any challenge head-on, no matter how dangerous the opposition.


LA Knight vs. AJ Styles ended in a No-Contest

The highly anticipated match between LA Knight and AJ Styles came to an abrupt and chaotic end, leaving the WWE Universe in a state of shock. What was shaping up to be a classic encounter between two of WWE's most talented superstars dissolved into anarchy when Jimmy Uso, one part of the notorious Uso brothers, orchestrated a cunning distraction that shifted the tide irrevocably.


As both Knight and Styles were locked in a battle of wits and wills, showcasing the skills that have made them fan favorites, the sudden interference by Jimmy Uso caught everyone off-guard. Before the referee or the combatants could fully comprehend the situation, Solo Sikoa, "The Tribal Heir," took advantage of the bedlam.


Sikoa, with his imposing presence and ruthless demeanor, stormed the ring with a singular goal in mind: to assert his dominance and allegiance to Roman Reigns by targeting two of The Head of the Table's most formidable adversaries. With a stealth that belied his size, Sikoa launched a brutal sneak attack, catching both Knight and Styles completely unawares.


The Samoan Spike, a move inherited from a lineage of Samoan warriors and perfected by Sikoa, was delivered with devastating effect, first to LA Knight and then to AJ Styles. The impact of the maneuver was felt not just by the recipients but by everyone in attendance, as a hush fell over the crowd witnessing the sheer force of "The Tribal Heir's" assault.


This double Samoan Spike was more than just an attack; it was a statement. Sikoa, standing over the incapacitated bodies of two of Reigns’ potential Royal Rumble challengers, sent a clear message: any threat to the Samoan dynasty's reign was to be met with swift and merciless retribution.


As the official called for the bell, declaring the match a no-contest, it was clear that the landscape of the Royal Rumble was now irrevocably altered. The aftershocks of this event would surely be felt in the weeks to come, with both Knight and Styles now seeking retribution, and Sikoa further establishing himself as a destructive force in service of Roman Reigns. The WWE Universe was left to ponder the ramifications, as alliances and rivalries were forged in the crucible of chaos that unfolded on this unforgettable night.


Randy Orton def. Solo Sikoa

The climactic showdown on WWE’s grand stage saw Randy Orton, known as "The Viper" and WWE's Apex Predator, triumph over Solo Sikoa in a match that will be etched in the annals of wrestling history for its sheer unpredictability and heart-stopping moments.


The main event was a whirlwind of chaos and high-stakes action, with the tension between Jimmy Uso, LA Knight, and AJ Styles spilling out from the ring to the ringside area. This melee distracted Solo Sikoa at a critical juncture, causing him to commit a fatal error that would cost him dearly – he turned his back on Orton. In the world of WWE, such lapses can be the difference between victory and defeat, and for Sikoa, this moment of inattention was all that Orton needed. Seizing the opportunity with the predatory instinct that has defined his illustrious career, Orton struck with a devastating RKO, claiming a monumental victory that propelled him towards the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Match at the Royal Rumble.


But the night was far from over. In the chaos that followed the match, Randy Orton unleashed a barrage of RKOs on both Knight and Styles, demonstrating his dominance and readiness for the Royal Rumble. Yet, in an unexpected twist, Roman Reigns emerged, delivering a Superman Punch that seemed to come out of thin air. The Head of the Table then made his intentions clear by signing the contract for the Royal Rumble title showdown, a moment that symbolized the high stakes and personal rivalries converging on this path to glory.


When Reigns sought to capitalize further with a Spear, Orton showcased why he is one of the most cunning and resilient superstars in WWE history. In a flash, he countered with a thunderous RKO, sending shockwaves through the WWE Universe and leaving Reigns laid out in the center of the ring. This counter not only thwarted Reigns' assault but also sent a resounding message that Orton was ready to claim the pinnacle of WWE supremacy.


The echoes of the crowd’s roar in response to Orton’s counter-RKO were a testament to the enduring legacy and ever-present danger that The Viper represents. As the dust settled, fans were left in awe of the resilience and sheer will to win displayed by all the superstars involved, setting the stage for what promises to be one of the most explosive Royal Rumble events in recent memory.


If you would to see the highlights of the explosive events on Friday Night Smackdown, then click the video down below!


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