WWE Monday Night Raw Highlights 30th January 2024

Published on 30 January 2024 at 16:00

On January 29, 2024, the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, was the pulsating heart of WWE Monday Night Raw, hosting an eventful night of high-stakes drama and fierce competition. Cody Rhodes, fresh from his historic back-to-back Royal Rumble victory, appeared in a sharp suit, ready to address his WrestleMania plans, only to be interrupted by Seth "Freakin'" Rollins. Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, made a compelling pitch for Rhodes to challenge him instead of Roman Reigns at the grand spectacle of WrestleMania XL.


CM Punk's Heartfelt Announcement and the Ensuing Controversy

CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently shared a heartfelt announcement that has left his fans and the wrestling community in a state of disappointment. In a deeply emotional message, Punk confirmed the unfortunate news that he would be unable to participate in the upcoming WrestleMania event. This revelation comes as a significant blow to the event's lineup and to Punk's supporters, who were eagerly anticipating his performance.


The circumstances surrounding Punk's absence became more contentious following an unexpected incident involving Drew McIntyre. McIntyre, another prominent wrestler, has drawn sharp criticism and the ire of fans, particularly from those supporting Sami Zayn.


This controversy stemmed from an altercation where McIntyre attacked CM Punk, who was already nursing an injury. This aggressive move by McIntyre has added fuel to the fire in the ongoing rivalry between him and Sami Zayn, creating a tense and charged atmosphere in the wrestling community. As the storyline unfolds, fans are keenly observing how this drama will impact the dynamics of WrestleMania and the relationships between these prominent wrestlers.


The Judgment Day Defeats. #DIY in an Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title Match

In a thrilling and high-stakes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title Match, The Judgment Day, consisting of the formidable duo of Damian Priest and Finn Bálor, emerged victorious against the well-regarded team #DIY. This intense match was a showcase of skill, strength, and strategic prowess, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.


The turning point in the match came with a pivotal moment outside the ring. Johnny Gargano, a key member of #DIY, was taken out at ringside in a dramatic fashion. This moment proved to be crucial, as it shifted the momentum in favour of The Judgment Day. With Gargano incapacitated, Priest and Bálor seized the opportunity to demonstrate their dominance and teamwork.


Their victory was ultimately clinched with a spectacular and devastating combination of moves. Priest executed a Razor's Edge, a move renowned for its power and impact, setting up for Bálor's Coup de Grace, a move equally known for its precision and lethality. This combination proved too much for Tommaso Ciampa, the other half of #DIY, to overcome.


The result of this match served as a stark reminder to the entire locker room of the sheer dominance and capability of The Judgment Day as the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Their victory not only solidified their position at the top of the tag team division but also sent a clear message about their unyielding strength and strategy in the ring. Fans and fellow wrestlers alike are now keenly aware of the formidable force that is The Judgment Day, setting the stage for more electrifying encounters in the WWE universe.


Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark Defeats. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

In an exhilarating tag team match that showcased both skill and strength, the dynamic duo of Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark triumphed over the formidable team of Chelsea Green and Piper Niven. This victory was not just a win in the record books; it was a resounding statement of intent from Baszler and Stark, who have their sights firmly set on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.


The match was a high-energy affair with both teams displaying incredible athleticism and determination. Shayna Baszler, known for her fierce and tactical approach in the ring, took control of the match with a decisive move against Piper Niven. Baszler's ability to neutralise Niven, a powerhouse in her own right, was a key turning point in the bout.


Zoey Stark, partnering with Baszler, brought her own unique flair and agility to the match. Her execution of the Z-360 on Chelsea Green was a highlight of the encounter. The Z-360, a move that has become synonymous with Stark's in-ring prowess, was delivered with precision and impact, leading to a successful pin on Green.


The synergy between Baszler and Stark was evident throughout the match. Their styles complemented each other perfectly, combining Baszler's grappling and submission expertise with Stark's dynamic and high-flying manoeuvres. This partnership proved to be too much for Green and Niven, despite their own impressive skills and teamwork.


With this victory, Baszler and Stark have sent a clear and powerful message to the rest of the WWE Women's division. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their ambition to claim the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships is more than just talk. Their performance in this match has put the entire division on notice. Fans and fellow wrestlers alike are now eagerly anticipating the next steps in Baszler and Stark's pursuit of tag team gold, as they continue to make waves in the WWE universe.


World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins openly invites The American Nightmare to challenge him instead of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

In a stunning feat of athleticism and resilience, Cody Rhodes achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the Royal Rumble Match for the second consecutive year. This rare accomplishment further solidified Rhodes' status as a premier talent in the wrestling world, earning him widespread acclaim and the opportunity to headline one of the biggest events in sports entertainment, WrestleMania.


Following this momentous victory, a new development unfolded on Raw, adding an intriguing twist to the Road to WrestleMania. World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins, a superstar known for his charismatic presence and exceptional in-ring abilities, made a dramatic appearance. Rollins, never one to shy away from the spotlight, seized this opportunity to present a compelling argument for why Cody Rhodes should choose him as his opponent at WrestleMania, instead of the other potential contender, Roman Reigns.


Rollins laid out his case with his usual flair, blending bravado with a keen strategic mind. He highlighted his own accomplishments and status as the World Heavyweight Champion, suggesting that a match between him and Rhodes would be a marquee event, deserving of the WrestleMania stage. Rollins' challenge was not just about defending his title; it was a bid to prove himself against one of the industry's rising stars.


The dynamic between Rhodes, Rollins, and Reigns added layers of complexity to the narrative. Rhodes, fresh off his Royal Rumble victory, found himself at a career-defining crossroads, having to choose between two of the biggest names in the industry. Reigns, another dominant force in the wrestling world, remained a looming figure in this equation, further intensifying the anticipation and speculation among fans.


This development set the stage for a potentially epic confrontation at WrestleMania. Fans were left eagerly discussing the possibilities, debating the merits of Rhodes facing Rollins versus Reigns, and speculating on the outcome of such high-caliber matches. The scenario underscored the ever-evolving and unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, where storylines, rivalries, and alliances can shift dramatically, capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide.


Jey Uso Defeats. “Big” Bronson Reed

In a thrilling match that showcased both power and agility, Jey Uso, known as "Main Event" for his consistent high-level performances, secured an impressive victory over the formidable "Big" Bronson Reed. This contest came on the heels of a gruelling Royal Rumble Match, where both competitors had already demonstrated their resilience and endurance.


Jey Uso, a member of the renowned Uso family in wrestling, brought his A-game to the ring, blending his signature high-flying style with strategic prowess. Uso's ability to adapt and respond to his opponent's moves was on full display. Despite the physical toll of the Royal Rumble Match, he showcased remarkable agility and stamina, proving why he's a top-tier competitor in the wrestling world.


"Big" Bronson Reed, known for his imposing presence and powerhouse style, presented a significant challenge. His signature move, the Tsunami, is a testament to his strength and has been a deciding factor in many of his matches. Reed's ability to dominate with sheer power has made him a feared opponent in the ring.


The match reached its climax when Jey Uso skilfully avoided Reed's Tsunami, a move that many have found impossible to escape. This evasion was a critical moment, showcasing Uso's in-ring intelligence and reflexes. Capitalising on this opportunity, Uso executed the Uso Splash, a high-flying and impactful move that has become synonymous with his wrestling persona. The precision and timing of the Uso Splash were impeccable, leading to a pin and a well-earned victory for Jey Uso.


This win was more than just a triumph in a single match; it was a significant achievement for Jey Uso, solidifying his status as a versatile and resilient wrestler. For "Big" Bronson Reed, the match was a testament to his own skills and potential, despite the outcome. Both wrestlers left the ring having made a statement about their capabilities and their place in the competitive landscape of professional wrestling. The match between Jey Uso and "Big" Bronson Reed will be remembered as a captivating encounter, highlighting the athleticism and drama that make professional wrestling so compelling to its fans.


Gunther Defeats. Kofi Kingston in an Intercontinental Title Match

In a highly anticipated Intercontinental Title Match that captivated wrestling fans worldwide, Gunther emerged victorious over the incredibly talented former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. This match was not just a contest for the prestigious title, but also a testament to the skill and resilience of both competitors.


Gunther, known for his dominant in-ring presence and technical prowess, showcased his strength and strategic acumen throughout the match. He went toe-to-toe with Kingston, who is celebrated for his dynamic style and aerial manoeuvres. The clash of styles created a riveting spectacle, with each wrestler pushing the other to their limits.


The climax of the match came when Gunther executed a devastating Powerbomb, a move that combines raw power with technical skill. This was the decisive moment, as Gunther successfully pinned Kingston, securing his victory and retaining the Intercontinental Championship. This win further cemented Gunther's status as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, a remarkable feat in the annals of professional wrestling.


However, the drama did not end with the match's conclusion. In a shocking turn of events, Gunther's Imperium cohorts proceeded to deliver a brutal post-match beatdown on The New Day, Kofi Kingston's allies. This attack underscored the ruthless nature of Gunther's faction and added a layer of intensity to the ongoing storyline.


The New Day, widely known for their charisma and teamwork, were caught off guard by this assault, highlighting the unpredictable and often volatile nature of wrestling rivalries. The beatdown served not only as a display of Imperium's dominance but also set the stage for potential future confrontations and storyline developments.


Gunther's victory and the subsequent events left a significant impact on the wrestling community. Fans were left discussing the implications of this match for the future of the Intercontinental Championship and the evolving dynamics between the involved factions. The match between Gunther and Kofi Kingston, along with the post-match events, exemplified the drama, athleticism, and storytelling that are the hallmarks of professional wrestling.


The Kabuki Warriors Defeats. Tegan Nox & Natalya

In a dynamic and intense match that highlighted the competitive spirit of WWE's Women's Tag Team division, The Kabuki Warriors, consisting of Asuka and Kairi Sane, emerged victorious over the formidable team of Tegan Nox and Natalya. This victory not only showcased the skill and teamwork of The Kabuki Warriors but also capitalised on a critical moment of miscommunication between their opponents.


Asuka and Kairi Sane, both celebrated for their individual accomplishments and distinctive in-ring styles, have formed a formidable tag team known as The Kabuki Warriors. Their chemistry and coordination were on full display in this match. Asuka, known for her striking and submission skills, combined seamlessly with Kairi Sane's high-flying tactics and agility, creating a challenging dynamic for their opponents.


On the other side, Tegan Nox and Natalya, each with their own impressive wrestling pedigrees, faced the challenge of aligning their strategies and styles. Despite their talents, the match saw a pivotal moment where miscommunication between the two led to a crucial opening for their opponents. In the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of tag team wrestling, such moments can be decisive.


Seizing this opportunity, The Kabuki Warriors executed their strategy with precision. The match culminated with Kairi Sane delivering her signature Insane Elbow, a move renowned for its spectacular execution and effectiveness. The perfectly timed manoeuvre allowed The Kabuki Warriors to secure the pin and claim the tag team victory.


This match was a clear demonstration of The Kabuki Warriors' prowess as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Their ability to capitalise on their opponents' weaknesses and showcase their unique combination of skills was a testament to their status at the top of the tag team division.


For Tegan Nox and Natalya, the match was a learning experience and an opportunity to refine their teamwork. The intense competition in the WWE Women’s Tag Team division means that alliances must be strong and communication must be flawless to succeed.


The victory of The Kabuki Warriors over Tegan Nox and Natalya added another exciting chapter to the evolving story of the WWE Women’s Tag Team division, keeping fans eagerly anticipating future matches and potential rivalries. This bout exemplified the athleticism, drama, and unpredictability that make WWE's women's wrestling so compelling.


Nia Jax attacks Rhea Ripley to show Royal Rumble Match winner Bayley that The Eradicator will not make it to WrestleMania

In a bold and aggressive display of dominance, Nia Jax executed a vicious attack on Rhea Ripley, sending a clear and intimidating message to Bayley, the winner of the Royal Rumble Match. This incident was more than just a confrontation; it was a strategic move by Jax to assert her presence and influence in the lead-up to WrestleMania.


Nia Jax, known as a powerhouse in the women's division for her strength and no-nonsense attitude, targeted Rhea Ripley, a rising star known as "The Eradicator" for her own formidable in-ring abilities. The attack was brutal and unrelenting, showcasing Jax's physical prowess and her willingness to go to great lengths to make a statement.


This aggressive move was a direct message to Bayley, who had triumphed in the Royal Rumble Match, earning a coveted spot at WrestleMania. By targeting Ripley, Jax was not only taking down a significant competitor but also demonstrating to Bayley the kind of ruthless opposition she could face leading up to and at WrestleMania.


Bayley, a seasoned wrestler with her own set of accolades, was put on notice. The message was clear: Nia Jax was a force to be reckoned with and would not be overlooked in the WrestleMania narrative. Jax's actions put her in the spotlight, positioning her as a potential roadblock or even a direct challenger for Bayley's aspirations at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.


This incident added a layer of intrigue and anticipation to the already high-stakes environment surrounding WrestleMania. Fans were left to speculate on how Bayley would respond to this show of force and what this meant for Rhea Ripley's trajectory. The dynamics in the women's division were shaken, creating a buzz of excitement and uncertainty.


Nia Jax's attack on Rhea Ripley was a strategic move, underlining the intense rivalries and complex relationships that define professional wrestling. It served as a reminder that the road to WrestleMania is often fraught with unexpected challenges and that even Royal Rumble winners must be prepared for anything and anyone.


Drew McIntyre Defeats. Sami Zayn

In a gripping main event that epitomised the intensity and drama of professional wrestling, Drew McIntyre emerged victorious over Sami Zayn in a match filled with action and suspense. This encounter was a showcase of both wrestlers' skills and determination, with each moment building towards a climactic finish.


Drew McIntyre, known as "The Scottish Superstar" for his impressive physique and commanding presence in the ring, faced off against Sami Zayn, a wrestler renowned for his tenacity and unique in-ring strategy. The match was a back-and-forth affair, with both competitors exchanging heavy blows and high-impact moves.


A pivotal moment in the match came when Sami Zayn attempted his signature Helluva Kick, a move that has led him to numerous victories in the past. However, McIntyre's response to this attack became a topic of much debate among fans and commentators. In a controversial and possibly unintentional move, McIntyre delivered a low blow to Zayn. This moment was fraught with tension, as audiences and officials questioned the intent behind McIntyre's action.


Despite the controversy, the match continued, and McIntyre capitalised on the situation. He executed his earth-shattering Claymore Kick, a testament to his power and precision. The Claymore Kick, known for its devastating impact, connected perfectly, allowing McIntyre to secure a hard-fought victory over his resilient opponent.


The match's conclusion was not just a win for Drew McIntyre; it was a statement of his enduring prowess and ability to triumph in high-pressure situations. For Sami Zayn, the match was a display of his relentless fighting spirit and tactical acumen, even in defeat.


This main event, marked by its intense physicality and the controversy surrounding McIntyre's low blow, added another chapter to the ongoing narrative between these two wrestlers. Fans were left discussing the match's outcome, speculating on the intention behind the low blow, and eagerly anticipating future encounters between these two talented competitors.


Drew McIntyre's victory over Sami Zayn in this high-stakes main event underscored the drama, athleticism, and unpredictability that make professional wrestling an endlessly captivating spectacle for its fans.

If you would like to see how last night events unfolded, then click the video down below!

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