WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Highlights

Published on 29 January 2024 at 16:00

The WWE Royal Rumble 2024 electrified fans at the iconic Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Where the air buzzed with anticipation for the storied battle royale. In this hallowed arena, a blend of legendary Superstars and ascendant warriors etched their names into WWE history. Cody Rhodes's back-to-back Royal Rumble win sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, as he outmanoeuvred and outlasted 29 other competitors. From shocking betrayals to alliances formed and broken, the event was a maelstrom of high-flying moves, powerhouse takedowns, and drama that only the Royal Rumble could provide, setting the stage for WrestleMania's epic showdowns.

Bayley won the Women's Royal Rumble Match to earn a Women's Championship Match at Wrestle Mania

In a stunning display of endurance and skill, Bayley emerged victorious in the Women's Royal Rumble Match, earning herself a coveted Women's Championship Match at the grand stage of WrestleMania. Demonstrating remarkable resilience and tactical acumen, Bayley entered the fray at No. 3 and outlasted an impressive lineup of 29 other elite Superstars. Her performance was not just a testament to her prowess but also set a new benchmark in the Women's Royal Rumble history, as she remained in the ring for an extraordinary 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 3 seconds.


The event was marked by unexpected twists and exhilarating moments, starting with the early surprise of Naomi, a celebrated former SmackDown Women’s Champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Naomi's triumphant return to the WWE universe was a moment of high emotion and excitement as she entered the ring at No. 2. The surprises continued as the arena buzzed with the arrival of Jordynne Grace, the renowned TNA Knockouts Champion. Grace's entry added a thrilling dimension to the match, showcasing the cross-promotional allure of the Royal Rumble.


The climax of the match was a showcase of strategy, strength, and sheer will. In a high-stakes confrontation, Bayley found herself among the final competitors, alongside Morgan and Cargill, all vying for supremacy on the apron edge. Morgan, seizing a moment of opportunity, executed a stunning Oblivion on Cargill, eliminating her from the match. However, this bold move left Morgan exposed. Bayley, known as 'The Role Model' for her cunning and intelligence inside the ring, capitalised on this opening. With a swift and decisive action, she kicked Morgan's feet from under her, securing her dramatic elimination and, with it, her path to WrestleMania.


Bayley's triumph at the Women's Royal Rumble is a landmark moment in her career, a testament to her enduring legacy as one of the most formidable and tactically astute Superstars in WWE history. Her journey to WrestleMania is now set, where she will compete for the highest honour in women's wrestling - the Women's Championship. Her performance at the Royal Rumble will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in WWE history, an embodiment of determination, skill, and the unpredictable nature of this spectacular sport.


Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns def. Randy Orton, AJ Styles and LA Knight — Fatal 4-Way Match

In the high-octane chaos of the Fatal 4-Way Match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Roman Reigns, The Head of the Table, reaffirmed his dominance by securing a hard-fought victory over three of the industry's finest: Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight. This match was a battle for the ages, encapsulating the essence of WWE's dramatic storytelling and athletic prowess.


The tension was palpable as all four Superstars entered the ring with their eyes on the prize, each bringing a unique set of skills and an unquenchable thirst for victory. Reigns, surrounded by hungry contenders, quickly found himself besieged on all sides. Knight, Styles, and Orton weren't just competing against The Tribal Chief; they were also jockeying for position against each other, each wanting to claim the glory for themselves. This internal rivalry within the match added layers of complexity, as fleeting alliances were made and broken in the blink of an eye.


As the battle raged on, Reigns displayed the resilience that has become his trademark. Yet, despite his valiant efforts, the odds seemed to stack against him as Knight executed a bone-crushing BFT and Styles, with the fluidity of a seasoned veteran, connected with a perfectly executed Styles Clash. It appeared as though Reigns' reign might be in jeopardy. But amidst the mayhem, Randy Orton, also known as The Viper, lay coiled and ready to strike. In a breathtaking display of precision and timing, Orton unleashed a barrage of RKOs, leaving the crowd in awe and his adversaries in defeat.


The climax of the match was mired in controversy as Solo Sikoa, the proclaimed "Tribal Heir of The Bloodline," intervened at a critical juncture. Orton had the championship within his grasp, but Sikoa's distraction of the referee shattered the pinning attempt. In a fateful turn of events, Sikoa's attempt to further incapacitate Orton backfired spectacularly as a missed hip attack sent him crashing through the barricade, rendering him incapacitated.


This tumultuous encounter epitomised the drama and unpredictability that WWE fans live for. The Fatal 4-Way Match was not just a test of physical ability but a chess match of strategy and wills. Roman Reigns' triumph was a testament to his indomitable spirit and his unyielding grip on the championship. His victory was not just a win in the record books; it was a statement to his adversaries and fans alike that The Bloodline remains supreme in the WWE Universe.


United States Champion Logan Paul def. Kevin Owens via Disqualification

In a tumultuous clash at the Royal Rumble, the United States Champion, Logan Paul, known as The Maverick, managed to retain his title against Kevin Owens, albeit amidst a whirlwind of controversy that left the WWE Universe buzzing.


Kevin Owens, a seasoned veteran and fan favourite, entered the match with a clear goal: to topple the reigning champion and claim the United States Championship for himself. The Maverick, however, was not to be underestimated. Despite his reputation as a Social Media Megastar, Paul demonstrated that his in-ring abilities were as potent as his online persona. He unleashed a series of dynamic splashes that left Owens scrambling to regain control.


The match escalated when Owens seized momentum with a cannonball assault followed by a soaring frog splash. Yet, The Maverick's ring awareness shone through as he cleverly countered Owens' attempted swanton bomb, protecting his reign. Owens, undeterred, fought back with resilience, escaping a near fall after a breathtaking top-rope splash from Paul.


As the battle intensified, the chaos spilled outside the ring. Members of The Maverick's entourage interfered, with Austin Theory and Grayson Waller making a dramatic entrance to slip brass knuckles into the fray. In the ensuing pandemonium, Owens managed to secure the illicit weapon, but fate was not on his side. The official's keen eye spotted the infraction just as Owens was on the cusp of victory, leading to his disqualification.


Despite the official ruling, Owens's frustration boiled over. He unleashed a furious onslaught on The Maverick, culminating in a devastating powerbomb through the announce table. This act of defiance sent a thunderous statement not only to the champion but also to the meddling cohorts who had influenced the match's outcome.


The aftermath of the match left the audience in awe and perhaps in disagreement over the official's call, but one thing remained clear: the drama and the intensity of the rivalry between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens had reached new heights, setting the stage for further gripping confrontations down the line. The Maverick may have left the Royal Rumble with the title in hand, but the controversy that shrouded the match's conclusion would surely ignite further chapters in this escalating saga.


Cody Rhodes won the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble Match to earn a World Title opportunity at WrestleMania

In a historic moment at the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes etched his name into the annals of WWE lore, becoming the fourth Superstar ever to claim back-to-back Royal Rumble victories. This triumph did not come easily as he outlasted 29 of the industry's toughest competitors, securing his destiny to possibly conclude his storied saga at WrestleMania with the world watching.


The Royal Rumble kicked off with a jaw-dropping start as Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, brothers entwined in a bitter rivalry since Jimmy's stunning betrayal at the previous SummerSlam, found themselves as the first two entrants. Their confrontation set a tone of high drama and unresolved tensions that would permeate the entire match.


As the ring swelled with an array of formidable Superstars, Carlito, entering at No. 10, swiftly dispatched his longtime rival Santos Escobar. The action intensified when Bobby Lashley, the imposing No. 11 entrant, set his sights on Karrion Kross from The Final Testament. In a show of raw power, Lashley ousted Kross, only for the latter to retaliate with an unsanctioned elimination, their fierce exchange spilling out of the ring and up the ramp.


The atmosphere electrified when Cody Rhodes entered the fray at No. 15, instantly turning the tide with his presence. His impact was significant, yet it was Gunther, arriving as the 18th entrant, who unleashed a maelstrom of chops that resonated through the arena, leaving a path of destruction across the ring.


The match's intensity reached a fever pitch when CM Punk eliminated Drew McIntyre, and Rhodes, in a strategic display, outsmarted the Intercontinental Champion to dispatch him from the ring. What ensued was an epic showdown as CM Punk, The Best in the World, and Rhodes, The American Nightmare, engaged in a grueling battle, each Superstar demonstrating their resolve and mastery of the craft.


In a moment that encapsulated his career's resilience, Rhodes confronted his legacy head-on, facing Punk's derisive remarks about his heritage with defiance. After a sequence that left fans on the edge of their seats, Rhodes exhibited incredible fortitude, countering Punk's Go to Sleep finisher and decisively eliminating the former WWE Champion.


With the Rumble victory in hand, Rhodes stood tall atop the turnbuckles, his gaze set firmly on the future. With a gesture that spoke louder than words, he pointed toward WrestleMania, where Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman await. The stage is set for Rhodes to chase glory at The Showcase of the Immortals, as he seeks to fulfil his quest for the World Title in what promises to be a momentous chapter in his already storied career.

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