WWE Monday Night Raw Highlights 11th March 2024

Published on 12 March 2024 at 16:00

This weeks episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw was once another stepping in building the biggest WrestleMania, ever in history. Drew McIntyre feeling taunted by Seth 'Freakin' Rollins, 'The Man' Becky Lynch eager to take on Rhea Ripley and the main event staged for titanic Gauntlet Match with the winner, taking the Intercontinental Champion, Gunther, at WrestleMania 40. Find out more below!


World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins attempts to provoke Drew McIntyre

The reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Seth "Freakin" Rollins, has strategically ignited a fiery verbal showdown with renowned contender Drew McIntyre. In a display of psychological warfare, Rollins has employed his signature provocative rhetoric, aiming to unsettle McIntyre ahead of their highly anticipated confrontation. This intense exchange has escalated the animosity between the two titans of the ring, with fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their storied rivalry. As each verbal jab lands with the force of a physical blow, it's clear that the battle lines have been drawn not only within the squared circle but also in the realm of mind games, where words can be just as powerful as wrestling manoeuvres.


Becky Lynch Defeats Liv Morgan

In an electrifying climax to a match that will be etched in the annals of sports entertainment, Becky Lynch triumphed over Liv Morgan in a spectacle of grit and prowess. The tension reached a crescendo when Morgan executed the devastating Oblivion on Lynch, signalling a potential upset. Yet, the resilience of "The Man" shone through as she narrowly evaded defeat by rolling out of the ring, displaying ring awareness that only a veteran possesses. The audience was on the edge of their seats as the action continued, with Lynch leveraging the environment to her advantage. She seized an opportunity to strike from the second rope, showcasing her agility and tactical acumen. The match reached its decisive moment when Lynch, summoning her signature ferocity, delivered the Manhandle Slam with precision and finality. This emphatic move secured her the victory, adding another chapter to her legendary status in the wrestling world.


Standing Tall, The Man came face-to-face with Rhea Ripley

In the adrenaline-charged aftermath of her victory, Becky Lynch, known to the world as "The Man," found herself standing in the ring, her eyes locked with those of the reigning Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley. This tense encounter between two of the industry's most formidable athletes was more than just a stare-down; it was a statement, a silent declaration of an impending storm. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as fans watched, knowing they were witnessing the seeds being sown for what could be the next epic rivalry. Ripley, with her title and confidence, stood as a colossal challenge, while Lynch, fresh from triumph, radiated the relentless spirit that has defined her career. This face-off was a snapshot of potential future clashes, a moment where time seemed to stand still, and the promise of a battle for supremacy loomed large in the world of women's wrestling.


Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell Defeats Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri

During the climactic battle of tag team prowess, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell claimed victory over Ivy Nile and Maxxine Dupri. The match took an unexpected turn when LeRae, known for her masterful in-ring psychology, cornered Dupri and unleashed a tirade of cutting remarks that seemed to transcend the boundaries of their professional feud, striking a deeply personal chord. As the verbal assault escalated, it became clear that Dupri was rattled to her core, leading to a moment of disarray that saw her exit the ring in a mix of frustration and defeat. However, her departure was short-lived; a misstep brought her directly into the path of Indi Hartwell, whose confusion did not prevent her instinctive reaction—a devastating boot that sealed the fate of the match. This moment of chaos and Hartwell's subsequent surprise move underscored the unpredictability and emotional highs that define the squared circle, delivering an unforgettable conclusion to an already intense matchup.


Cody Rhodes vows to claim the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania

In a heartfelt proclamation, laden with raw emotion, Cody Rhodes stood in the wrestling ring, the spotlight casting an almost ethereal glow around him as he addressed the world. With the fervour of a man on a quest for glory, he made a solemn vow to his family, who has a storied legacy in the sport, that he would ascend to the pinnacle of the wrestling world by securing the prestigious Undisputed WWE Universal Title at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.


The gravity of his promise resonated through the arena, with fans hanging on to every word. Rhodes spoke not just as a superstar but as a man carrying the weight of his family's name, looking to carve his own legendary status in the annals of wrestling history. As he spoke of his intentions, it was clear that this was more than a match for a title; it was a journey to honour his heritage and fulfil a destiny that many felt was written in the stars the moment he first stepped into the ring. This moment of vulnerability and determination painted Rhodes not only as a competitor but as a legacy bearer of the wrestling world, making his journey to WrestleMania a personal odyssey that captivated the hearts of fans worldwide.


The Kabuki Warriors Defeats Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark

In the high-stakes cauldron of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match, The Kabuki Warriors emerged triumphant, defending their titles against the formidable duo of Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark. The match was a maelstrom of athleticism and strategy, but the tide turned when Dakota Kai made her presence known with a controversial interference that would tip the scales.


Asuka, one-half of the reigning champions, capitalised on the momentary chaos with a kick that reverberated throughout the arena, stopping Baszler in her tracks with a strike as sudden as it was impactful. With Baszler reeling, Kairi Sane, Asuka's partner in domination, ascended to the top rope, her gaze locked on the prize. In a breathtaking display of aerial mastery, Sane launched herself into the air, connecting with the Insane Elbow, a move that has spelled the end for many a challenger.


As Sane's elbow drove Baszler to the mat, the referee's hand came down for the three-count, ensuring that The Kabuki Warriors remained the queens of the tag team division. Their victory was a testament to their enduring synergy and resilience, proving yet again why they sit atop the women's tag team mountain.


Damian Priest Defeats R-Truth

In the tumultuous climax of a hard-fought contest, Damian Priest stood victorious over the ever-entertaining R-Truth. As the match approached its fever pitch, R-Truth, known for his high-flying antics and unorthodox style, took a daring leap of faith from the top rope, plunging into the melee between #DIY and The Judgment Day that had spilled outside the ring. The chaos served as the perfect distraction for the calculated Priest, also known as Señor Money in the Bank, who seized the moment to deliver his menacing finisher, South of Heaven, to secure the win.


However, the action didn't cease with the ringing of the bell. In a post-match frenzy, The Judgment Day, embodying their ominous namesake, descended upon R-Truth with a merciless onslaught. Not content with just their initial target, they turned their wrath upon Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. This savage display served as a chilling reminder of their dominance and the ruthlessness that The Judgment Day brings to the squared circle, marking their territory with unbridled aggression and leaving the WWE Universe in awe at their sheer dominance.


Sami Zayn triumphed in the Gauntlet Match to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania

In an extraordinary display of resilience and tenacity, Sami Zayn emerged as the victor in the Gauntlet Match, carving out his destiny to face Gunther for the coveted Intercontinental Championship at the grand spectacle known as WrestleMania.


1st Match - The gauntlet was laid down in the first match where Ricochet dazzled with his aerial artistry, culminating in a breathtaking Shooting Star Press off the top rope to secure a win over JD McDonagh in what was a high-flying spectacle of agility and precision.


2nd Match - However, Ricochet's aspirations were abruptly halted by "Big" Bronson Reed in the second match. Reed's colossal presence and raw power overwhelmed, as he executed the crushing Tsunami, effectively grounding the high-flyer and demonstrating the sheer force of his monstrous ability.


3rd Match - The third match saw the underdog spirit of Sami Zayn come to life as he ingeniously wriggled free from Reed's clutches, delivering a spectacular second rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb that rattled the ring and the audience alike, showcasing his cunning and never-say-die attitude.


4th Match - Continuing his gauntlet journey, Zayn faced the charismatic Shinsuke Nakamura in the fourth match. Despite the punishing Tsunami from Reed still echoing through his body, Zayn summoned the strength to land a decisive Helluva Kick, toppling the king of strong style and proving his heart and vigor were unmatchable.


Final Match - The final match was a testament to Zayn's indomitable will as he endured through injury and pain. Against the technical wizardry of Chad Gable, Zayn exhibited sheer guts and determination, reversing an ankle lock into a pin, securing a hard-fought three-count, and the honour to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at the most storied event in sports entertainment, WrestleMania, also known as The Showcase of the Immortals. This was a night where Sami Zayn didn't just earn a title shot; he captured the imagination and respect of the wrestling world.


If you would like to see how last night events of Monday Night Raw unfolded then click the video below!

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