The best F1 race of the year

Published on 24 June 2023 at 13:00

Nathan Hartley


The Formula 1 calendar has increased many times over the past few year, allowing for new countries to host their very own Formula 1 race. Some tracks are absolute fan favourites and some are boring to watch. Here is the race that I look forward to the most every season.


2022 Belgian Grand Prix (Image Credit: Alex Pantling - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)


Spa Francorchamps has been one of the staples in Formula 1. When you think of 'iconic' tracks, you think of Spa, Monza and Silverstone. The Belgian Grand Prix has been on the Formula 1 calendar since the sport started in 1950.


Therefore, it was worrying to see when it was rumoured that there was issues with negotiations for keeping Spa on the calendar. However, during the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1 announced a one-year extension, meaning Belgium will host another race this year.


However, work still needs to be done to further extends Spa's stay on the calendar, but with South Africa not looking likely the chances of Spa staying has now increased.


Many fans were scared of the possibility of Spa losing out. Personally, I was worried as I am not a fan of the new street tracks, taking over the proper racing tracks.


Why is Spa so good?


Firstly, the track itself is iconic. Going up Eau Rouge and Raidillon flat out, heading into the Kemmel straight, where cars go in excess of 200 mph to end sector one.


Then you head downwards for the whole of sector two, including the fast corner at Pouhon. Sector two is the technical part of the track before going flat out for the rest of sector three until you reach the bus stop chicane to complete the 7km lap.


Wheel-to-wheel racing is guaranteed during the race on Sunday. With its sector one, being flat out for the majority of it to make a move into Les Combes with the help of DRS.


The weather is also very unpredictable up in the hills. This gives the fans excitement of a potential wet or mixed-weather race. However, the rain was too much to handle in 2021, meaning that the race could not be completed, leaving many of the fans disappointed.


With the introduction of street circuits, more and more tracks are becoming increasingly difficult to overtake. However, Spa has plenty.


Some iconic moment have happened at Spa, such as the lap one incident in 1998, where 13 cars would crash going into turn one. The 1998 race also had Michael Schumacher retiring from the race after going into the back of lapped car David Coulthard. Only eight driver ended up finishing the race with Damon Hill winning the race


The 2012 Belgian Grand Prix also had a chaotic start of Lotus driver Romain Grosjean was the catalyst of a major incident, crashing into Lewis Hamilton, which flung Grosjean's car over Fernando Alonso's. Alonso would have to retire from the race, which was a huge factor in the 2012 championship battle, which was won by Sebastian Vettel.


Spa will return July this year for yet another highly anticipated race. What track is your favourite on this year's calendar?

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