Is Red Bull invincible?

Published on 27 June 2023 at 13:00

Megan Taylor


The Austrian Grand Prix is upon us, and the Red Bull ring is back. We also have the second sprint race of the season. The first sprint race took place in Azerbaijan. The iconic teams, Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari, took the top five positions, which wasn’t surprising. However, as the season has progressed, upgrades have been made. Could sprint race two see a different constructor on top?


Williams driver Alexander Albon made waves in the Canadian Grand Prix with their new upgrades and made the top ten in the last sprint. McLaren has also reported making upgrades that we will see in action.


For now, Red Bull remains the team to beat. Their dominance over the last two seasons has been undeniable. So far this season, there hasn’t been a podium without a Red Bull driver on the top step.

Max Verstappen in the unbeatable Red Bull


Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have had some close battles, but Perez seems to have slipped recently. Poor qualifying has given Mercedes and Aston Martin a chance to close the gap to them.

Despite Red Bull’s impressive consistent points and trophies, many fans express their hope for a new race winner for 2023.  But can it happen?


Aston Martin was their biggest contender, but now Mercedes have stepped up their game. Teams across the grid have been making massive progress but still struggling against Red Bull.


Ferrari has been having a rollercoaster of a season with only one podium, compared to last year being Red Bull's biggest rival. However, the sprint race has worked in their favour previously.


The big question is can the grid come close to Red Bull? With the current total of 321 points, it will take some real upgrades and maybe some misfortune for Red Bull, who have been reliable all season.  The team looking the closest are Mercedes. In the beginning, Aston Martin looked menacing, but with Lewis Hamilton and George Russel finishing within the points regularly and having four podiums, both drivers look strong. Whilst Aston Martin seems to be relying on Fernando Alonso heavily.


If you’re a Red Bull fan, this could be your favourite weekend, being at the Red Bull ring with the top two drivers. And for the others praying for a new race winner, let’s hope those upgrades are Red Bull-worthy.

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