Hamilton labels his W13 a "bad car" after Friday struggle

Published on 18 June 2022 at 14:45

Since the start of 2022, Mercedes have found themselves at the top of the midfield.  However, now at Canada the Silver Arrows are struggling to find performance at Canada and Hamilton describes his W13 as a "bad car".



Many fans of F1 believed that the Silver Arrows would be able to make a comeback to the front.  However, the complete opposite is happening in Canada as the Brackley-based team seem to be dropping down the order - slipping into the midfield - as they cannot seem to find good performance in the first two practice sessions in Montreal.


Lewis Hamilton took time to speak after finishing 13th in Friday's second free practice with the Brit saying: "Nothing we do generally to this car seems to work, so we're trying different set-ups.

Me and George [Russell] went with much different set-ups in this P2 to see if one-way works and one way doesn't. I'll wait to hear how it felt for him, but for me, it was a disaster.

It's like the car's getting worse. It's getting more and more unhappy the more we do to it. I don't know, we'll keep working on it. It is what it is.


I think this is the car for the year, so we'll just have to tough it out and work hard on building a better car for next year.


It's the worse that I've ever felt any car here, so I'm hoping overnight we can try and make some changes. But fundamentally, it's just the fundamentals of the car, it is what it is. It's going to be a struggle.


It's just a monumental fight the whole time to keep it out of the wall."


Mercedes have reportedly got the best car in the wind tunnel, but the bouncing/porpoising is the real issue as the German team had to compromise their performance, especially with the new FIA regulations that they are implementing - starting from the British Grand Prix.


Aston Martin and Alpine seem to be fighting for the 'best of the rest' spot with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso impressing in FP2 - the pair could be dreaming of a podium at the end of Sunday's race.


However, all of the data gathered on Friday could be useless as it is heavily expected that Saturday's qualifying session will be a wet session meaning the drivers might be going into the qualifying session with no wet practice and it could jumble up the order going into Sunday's race - qualifying is at 21:00 UK time.


Free positions will be gained for the Silver Arrows as Charles Leclerc and Yuki Tsunoda will be both starting at the back of the grid as both drivers have exceeded the components used to not warrant a penalty.


If the qualifying was a wet session, then who would be your top 5 drivers that you would count on in wet conditions?


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