Franz Tost confirms Pierre Gasly will 100% drive for Alpha Tauri next season

Published on 18 June 2022 at 16:30

Alpha Tauri Team Principal Franz Tost during Saturday's Team Principal press conference has confirmed that Pierre Gasly will 100% race for Alpha Tauri next season.  It looks like the Frenchman isn't leaving anytime soon!


With both of the Red Bull seats occupied - with Sergio Perez until the end of 2024 and Max Verstappen until the end of 2028 - until the end of the 2024 season, F1 fans have been debating what Pierre Gasly should do next, whether the Frenchman should stay or leave Alpha Tauri.


Many fans suggested that Gasly could've joined Alpine before Fernando Alonso and this season, fans had suggested that the 26-year-old could have replaced Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren with the Aussie struggling for form.


During the press conference, Tost expressed that the Frenchman is "showing a fantastic performance."

“Unfortunately, at the beginning of the season [he suffered] with a lot of reliability issues – for example, in Bahrain when the battery caught fire.


“Then there were some other reliability issues that were not his fault, it was coming from the team. I am really happy now that at least in Baku we could show how good he is.”


What are your thoughts on Gasly staying at Alpha Tauri for yet another season?


Nathan Hartley (@NathanHartleyF1)

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